Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What may seem reasonable can fool you

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Katie Dowd, 7/6/15.  "Man takes two years to figure out his dogs are black bears."

Image result for two bears thought to be dogs China - picture
Believe it! These Asian black bear dogs can say
in English, "our environment is our economy".
For one Chinese man, it took two years to decide that something was distinctly un-dog-like about Spot and Fido. Wang Kaiyu, a villager in the Chinese province of Yunnan, purchased two "puppies" while on a trip in Vietnam. He described them as "lively, not picky about food and friendly with humans."

After some time went by, he realized they were behaving "strangely," although the bears would probably beg to differ on that description. ....  He got in touch with a wildlife rescue center in Yunnan, which took in the two bears. They were determined to be in good health but possibly possessing an incurable fondness for Dog Chow."   Read more. 

Related articles. News, Long Island/Linsey Bald, 7/3/15."Man's 'puppies' are bears.."   .... "Kaiyu said he bought the “puppies” when they were very small from a Vietnam pet vendor whom he came across while planting banana trees on the border on China and Vietnam. The man assured Kaiyu the animals would grow up to be energetic, sociable dogs with a healthy appetite. At least that much was true. .... Good to know. Next time Mr. Kaiyu, try doing a little research on bears versus puppies (before you adopt a couple tabby cats that turn out to be Siberian tigers)."

Daily Mail/Poppy Danby and Edward Chow, 7/2/15, UK, "Un-bear-lievable! Pet owner is shocked..." "To begin with, Wang had no idea that there was anything unusual about his pets and he bathed and groomed them everyday. The proud owner also said that the cubs were very well behaved and had healthy appetites. Alarm bells only began ringing when the animals grew up, as alongside gaining a greater desire for food, the pair started looking less and less like dogs and weighed 100lbs each. They also displayed strange behaviour, such as killing and eating Wang's pet chickens." News, 7/2/15, Man's Bears are pupies: unaware buyer duped into thinking cubs were dogs." First, as the "puppy" bear cubs aged, they looked less like canines. Second, the two pups’ weight ballooned to over 100 pounds. Third, they developed an appetite for his chickens. Finally, after two long years, when the man read materials about conservation, he realized the puppies were bears. And to make matters worse, the black bear cubs are on the endangered species list. Suddenly, the duped man had a quagmire: on the one hand, the pets he thought were puppy dogs were Asian black bears. On the other hand, Wang realized he was committing a crime. He consulted with family members, and they all reasoned the best thing to do was to turn over the animals to a local authority. The Forest Public Security Bureau took possession of the man’s puppies-turned-bears and began the process of trying to find a good home for the animals. Eventually, the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center got involved to help with adoption. At this point, they are not likely candidates for entry into a wild habitat.

Note:  photograph from the related article above.

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Something's wrong with that story.
Most four year olds can identify a bear cub by photo.

Seems more likely this gentleman found the only possible excuse that would prevent his execution by the State (China) after he was discovered engaged in the traffic of an endangered species of bears.

Bear parts (Paws and gall bladders) are big (illegal) business over there:

Anonymous said...

I also heard about a blog that continually ran BS from the real estate cabal as "truth", and the local yokels believed it!! Amazing how fumb people are.

George said...

We have all seen off topic posts here but 10:38 gets my award for the most moronic post of the year so far. What the hell!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's the big deal? The guy figured it out in 2 years. City Councils have been mistaking Pacifica for a park instead of a town for 35 years. Still haven't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

619 That contest is much too close to call.

Anonymous said...

@619 Hit a nerve, did he? You a realtor or a yokel?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@619 Hit a nerve, did he? You a realtor or a yokel?

July 8, 2015 at 8:13 PM

During the Peebles Corp. vote for his quarry project the noobees hippies and nimbys all called the realtors in town. Rogue Realtors.

The realtors run San Bruno and South San Francisco.

Pacifica, realtors are too busy about losing a listing, that would go over the hill anyway, to stir up city hall.

Pacifica is just pathetic and sad.

Anonymous said...

606 CNN breaking gone in morning gas explosion...@606 AM Pacifica CA disappeared. FBI rules out terrorism and PG&E. Huge amount of late night Mexican food suspected. Donald Trump empties the candidate pool. Bye bye P-town, hello Western White House.