Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Proposed office project, Redwood City downtown

The Daily Journal/Staff, 7/24/15. "Office project seeks approval: Downtown Redwood City development to require part of Fox Theatre to be demolished."

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City future here we come... 
"The developer of a proposed five-story office building in downtown Redwood City is seeking the council’s approval Monday night to move forward with the project. The project at 815 Hamilton St. consists of 7,141 square feet of retail use on the ground floor, 60,322 square feet of office use on the upper four floors and two levels of underground parking consisting of 88 parking stalls.

.... This is one of several office and housing projects in the works or already approved since the City Council adopted the Downtown Precise Plan in 2011.

Six other projects nearby are being constructed that will be completed this year or early next year including the Box headquarters on Middlefield Road; 133 apartments on Fuller Street; 18 townhomes on Brewster Avenue; 471 apartments on Middlefield Road; 196 apartments on Main Street; and 305 apartments on Monroe Street. The projects comprise 1,810 units of housing and 313,000 square feet of offices."  Read article.

Reference, City of Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan.  .... "The DTPP will create a Downtown which is beautiful, unique, and is a great place to live, work, and play. It will be a place which celebrates its history while building an exciting future, and it will offer an environmentally-friendly place to accommodate growth near transit, jobs, and services. Most importantly, it will be a source of pride for all Redwood City residents."  Related, Silicon Valley Business Journal/Mary Ann Azevedo/3/8/13, "Redwood City:  Precise plan draws developers." ...."The city’s Downtown Precise Plan has made it easier for developers by laying out “a very clear vision of what kind of development will be approved,” Zack said.  Specifically, Redwood City’s Downtown Precise Plan allows for the private development of up to 2,500 new residential units, 100,000 square feet of retail space, 500,000 square feet of office space and 200 hotel rooms in the three-block radius surrounding the county courthouse."  

UpdateSan Mateo Daily Journal/Bill Silverfarb, 7/29/15, "Mayor: office project will improve parking: Redwood City Council approves five-story building downtown."  "The Redwood City Council unanimously approved a five-story office project downtown that should improve parking in the area, Mayor Jeff Gee said Tuesday. .... The new garage will connect to the city-owned Jefferson Garage that will allow for a second exit. .... More than 900 parking spaces will be added to the area with all the new projects, he said."

Note graphic rendering, "Downtown tomorrow: The Precise Plan, (El Camino: a Grand Boulevard) from City of Redwood City, Successor Agency. 

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