Friday, July 24, 2015

The 2-alarm fire Thursday afternoon (7/23/15)

Map of 712 Cindy Way, Pacifica, CA 94044
Sharp Park, East Fairway district.  All that GGNRA
open space, almost rural, but not quite. Too many
City people.  No agriculture, no chickens, no cows.
KRON Bay Area News 4,  updated 8:17 pm. "2-alarm brush fire in Pacifica fully contained.", includes video, 21 seconds.

Image result for Fire Pacifica picture
Firefighters save us again. This
time from a GGNRA dry brush fire.
"Spoke to spokesperson with North County Fire (San Mateo County): -wildland fire burning near Cindy Way baseball field in Pacifica – the land burning is actually GGNRA land directly behind the city park - 2.5 acres were burned.  

Fire is now fully contained - 2 alarm response - no structures are threatened, no injuries to firefighters -ground crews and air drops - battling 10mph winds, 30% grade up hill, 3ft of brush with a lot of poison oak.

....  PACIFICA (BCN, KRON) — Firefighters are working to extinguish a two-alarm brush fire in Pacifica Thursday afternoon. Fire officials received a report of the blaze near 712 Cindy Way at 3:46 p.m., according to a San Mateo County fire dispatcher."

Update - PACIFICA --  San Mateo County Times/Mark Gomez, 7/24/15, 8:45 am.  "Pacifica:  Police arrest 15-year-old boy suspected of starting brush fire."  "A 15-year-old boy suspected of starting a brush fire near a Little League baseball field was arrested Thursday, according to police. ....When police arrived at the scene they located two juveniles who had been seen in the area of the fire when it started.

The two juveniles were interviewed and a third juvenile, a 15-year-old boy, was identified as a possible suspect, according to police. The boy was contacted by police, interviewed and arrested on suspicion of unlawfully causing a fire. Police withheld the boy's name because he is a juvenile. The fire remains under investigation by the Pacifica Police Department and North County Fire Authority."

Related - East Fairway location map from City Data.     Note photograph from the KRON Bay Area article above, one of several views of the fire location.  Map of Cindy Way at Fairway Park from Google. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


mw said...

The Cal Fire helicopters were pulling water out of the Laguna Salada pond to drop on the GGNRA fire. This at least raises the possibility that the Cal Fire copters was sucking Red Legged Frogs out of the pond to drop on the fire.

So let's review. WEI has sued and is suing to the City and Coastal Commission to stop water from being pumped out of the pond to manage the frog habitat and course flooding during the rainy season. They are also fighting to force the City to give Sharp Park to GGNRA. Now Cal Fire is sucking water and frogs out of the pond to dump on a fire on neighboring GGNRA land to put out a fire that probably roasted more snakes and frogs. Everyone got that?

Can a WEI lawsuit against CAL FIRE for killing frogs be far behind?

Smokey the Bear said...


Be careful for what you wish for!

Plater and his goons are probably already thinking up his next 3 or 4 lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Some bored teenager was arrested. Think about this people unless your a stoner surfer or work in fast food, the future is bleak for Pacifica's youth. Parents move your kids out of this town, they may have a future. Kids, transfer out of the area for college or stay around town finish school and get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:11am Teenagers can be bored anywhere -- it's part of being one.
There are many activities in Pacifica from the programs offered through PBR and other local community groups to getting outside and enjoying the beach, surfing, hiking, skating, swimming and biking. Our city continues to be a great place to raise a family and enjoy a unique community feeling.

Kathy Meeh said...

Thanks for your reflective comment, Mike (1243). Those "snakes and frogs" died for a good cause. And no doubt "friends of frogs and snakes" will hold a commemorative ceremony for them prior to the next lawsuit.

811, thanks for your update, a version of which is now posted from San Mateo Times on the above article.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:11am Teenagers can be bored anywhere -- it's part of being one.

Quit being an official City of Pacifica apologist.

We were never bored one day as kids? Oh wait, we went hiking and fishing and were on the beaches every day!

Now kids are fat and lazy and obese playing stupid video games, smoking pot and or meth.

Vitamin V said...

Those "snakes and frogs" died for a good cause

Maybe we can sprinkle a little Vitamin V Viagra) in the ponds to let the little snakes and frog mate more and have more babies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now, let's not get carried away 1016.

Anonymous said...

1014 You know the wrong kids.

Anonymous said...

Parents of the offender shold have to pay for this -- not the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is an awesome photo of the tanker dropping the flame retardant on the fire over on Riptide!

Kathy Meeh said...

357, agreed the Kevin Kelly photographs posted on Riptide are quite good, here.

Anonymous said...

The shot with the flame retardant was taken by Ian Butler.