Thursday, July 2, 2015

City, County, and a non-profit to save affordable housing, Palo Alto

San Jose Mercury News/Daily News/Jason Green, 6/30/15.  "Palo Alto: Council pledges $14.5M to help preserve Buena Vista Mobile Home Park."

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100 homes, 400 people
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Mobile home park office
"PALO ALTO -- A last-ditch effort to preserve Buena Vista Mobile Home Park as a source of affordable housing received a big boost Monday with the City Council pledging $14.5 million. The 8-0 vote was greeted with hearty applause from a capacity crowd in the council chambers.

 ....  The city funds will be added to $14.5 million already set aside by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The next step in the preservation plan calls for Caritas Corp., a Southern California-based nonprofit organization that has rescued other parks, to make an offer. Caritas could also issue a $10 million tax-revenue exempt bond to help cover a funding gap, if one exists.  .... Council members stressed that the $14.5 million would be drawn from fees paid by private developers to build and maintain affordable housing."  Read article.

Related, news -  Kron 4/Vince Cestone, 6/29/15. "Funds approved to preserve Buena Vista Mobile Home Park" .... "Buena Vista has over 100 mobile homes, and is home to around 400 people. The park is considered one of the last patches of affordable housing in the area."    Related video  - "Buena Vista Mobile Home Park residents seek alternative housing options."  You Tube, 4:14 minutes. 

Note Buena Vista Mobile Home Park Photographs.  Office unit from Shop Palo Alto.  Mobile park face page image  from the related You Tube above. 

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