Friday, July 17, 2015

City Council approved Harmony@1, lot 2, vote as expected 3-2

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 7/14/15.  "Council affirms Harmony@1 green building requirements."  City Council meeting, 7/13/15.
What, do NIMBIES want the "berm"
to hide these beautiful structures?

Image result for the no votes lose picture
But Pacifica decides YES,
GreenPoint rating is good
for all Harmony@1 homes.
...  "The original conditions stated the project will be built to achieve LEED certification, a gold standard whenever possible. Instead, the developer, Javier Chavarria proposed, and the planning commission agreed, for the home to obtain a score of 152 on the green point rating system; the home will be built to LEED gold standards but not certified.  .....  

....  Chavarria told the planning commissioners in April, and City Council Monday evening, many projects are built to LEED standards but never certified. In 2010, the city adopted a green building ordinance. That ordinance required building projects to obtain gold LEED certification or 100 points on the green point rating system. That has since been superseded by a statewide building code requirement.

After a lengthy discussion, Mayor Pro Tem Sue Digre and Keener tried to get their fellow council members to agree to a LEED certification, as the original conditions required. But the others agreed with the conclusion of the planning commission and kept the conditions the same. The vote was 3-2 to stick with the planning commission's decision, Keener and Digre opposing."  Read article.

Reference  - Harmony At One - Ocean View Homes.  Facebook.  City of Pacifica - Harmony @ 1 environmental documents.  Definition:  berm.  The comment from Councilmember John Keener was something to the effect that the lot 2 house would still be visible from the highway, and that the berm should be raised.  

Note: graphics - Scotland decides No from BBC/News/UK,9/19/14. The Harmony @1 photo simulation is from Facebook. 

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Anonymous said...

If they market these ho,es as been "Leeds Gold" they will get sued for sure.

Kathy Meeh said...

424, and if the sky falls, you will get bonked on the head again.