Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th fireworks, and our environment

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Happy July 4th Celebration!
Just say no to fireworks.

This handout photo taken early on June 29, 2015 and provided by the Solar Impulse project shows sunrise a little while after the Swiss-made solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 took off from the international airport in Nagoya, Japan, headed for Hawaii. The revolutionary Solar Impulse 2 aircraft passed "the point of no return" on June 29 after it left Japan bound for Hawaii, the most ambitious leg of its quest to circumnavigate the globe powered only by the sun. Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg, 62, left the city of Nagoya around 3:00 am (1800 GMT), five days after weather problems forced the organisers to cancel an earlier attempt.
21st Century, solar powered
Pacifica Tribune Letters to the editor, 6/30/15.  "Care or Kaboom" by Jim Heldberg

"Editor:  All year, Pacificans proclaim our environmental consciousness. Once a year we invite our nighbors to help blow it up. Which day are we telling the truth about ourselves?"

Note photograph.  CBS Los Angeles, 6/25/15, "Best places to see July 4th fireworks in Los Angeles. Solar airplane video face page, CNN, 7/3/15 article, "Solar plane lands in Hawaii..". 

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