Friday, July 10, 2015

Mountain lion looking for an open space community

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Country air and dinner
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Traveling south
"Officials say a mountain lion spotted at least four times in San Francisco last week is believed to have left town, making its way down the coast.

....  The big cat was first spotted in Daly City on June 29 and then twice on June 30 in Sea Cliff and in the Western Presidio. On July 1, one was spotted at Gough and Eddy, not far from San Francisco City Hall. And two days later, it was a seen near Lake Merced. 

....  Since here have been no sightings since last Friday, wildlife experts believe the mountain lion has made his way south down the Peninsula."  Read more.

Note photographs (unrelated). Traveling mountain lion by John Richards, San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate. Two deer, face page image to a Mercury News article.

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Anonymous said...

He left San Francisco cause the rent is too damned high!