Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lucky day, one man was saved

Once again, kudos to the US Coast Guard; Pacifica police, fire, paramedics; helicopter and hospital.

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I jumped off the pier once
The Daily Journal, 7/8/15.  "Coast Guard rescues man who jumps from Pacifica pier."

A U.S. Coast Guard crew rescued a man who allegedly jumped from the Pacifica Pier into the ocean Monday (7/6/15).  At 7:35 a.m. Monday, Coast Guard officials received a report... ... A Coast Guard Station Golden Gate response boat crew led the rescue, along with members from the Pacifica police and fire departments. 

.... The Coast Guard boat crew quickly located the man and rescued him from the water.  The victim had signs of hypothermia and was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital. 

Because of great communications between agencies on scene, we were able to quickly recover the person from the water,” Petty Officer James Helt said in a statement.  Read more.

Note photograph by Tom Insilium is a face page image to his excellent flickriver  photo album. 

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Anonymous said...

And to think this guy in town calls them "princess crews"

Anonymous said...

426 For all the mileage you've gotten out of it, you should thank him. Personally, for all their heroics, every time I hear "princess crew" I'm reminded of their royal wages and pensions. Royal only in the sense that poor Pacifica is paying. We serfs are happy to
sacrifice too great, my liege.