Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Warmer days than usual expected for July, 2015

San Mateo Patch/Bay City News Service/Alexander Nguyen, 7/6/15. "Bay Area ocean temperatures above historical average. This could mean bad news for native coastal plants and olso increase the likelihood of wildfires." 

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Warm days in Pacifica,
what's a poor dog to do?
"Ocean water temperatures in the San Francisco Bay Area are above their historical summertime average, a National Weather Service meteorologist said.

Meteorologist Charles Bell said the ocean temperature at the Monterey Bay buoy should be 56 degrees at this time of year. It touched 64 degrees Sunday.  Temperatures closer to San Francisco are at least five degrees above normal, Bell said.

The warmer days will impact coastal plants, which fog and lower temperatures benefit, Bell said.  Warmer days also increase the risk of Bay Area wildfires."  Read more.

Note photograph.  Two dogs on bench image by Amy Burkert, face page to Go Pet friendly vacation planning blog.

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