Friday, July 3, 2015

Building downtown mixed-use density, Redwood City

601 Marshall St
Functional community, downtown development.

The Daily Journal/Bill Silverfarb, 7/2/15.  "Big building clears key hurdle:  Redwood City Planning Commission approves nine-story office project."

"A proposed office development at 601 Marshall St. in Redwood City was approved by the Planning Commission on a 5-1 vote... .... The City Council adopted its Downtown Precise Plan in 2011 but a California Environmental Quality Act lawsuit filed against the city delayed the construction of many of the projects until recently.

....  Increased traffic and lack of enough parking downtown have been residents’ two major complaints related to the building boom that has seen the construction of a new Kaiser Permanente hospital and 264 apartments on Veterans Boulevard; 132 apartments on Main Street; and 116 apartments on Marshall Street.

....  Those projects are already completed as six others nearby are being constructed that will be completed later this year or early next year including the Box headquarters on Middlefield Road; 133 apartments on Fuller Street; 18 townhomes on Brewster Avenue; 471 apartments on Middlefield Road; 196 apartments on Main Street; and 305 apartments on Monroe Street.
The projects comprise 1,810 units of housing and 313,000 square feet of offices. Read article.

Reference.  City - Redwood City/Planning, 601 Marshall Street.  Developer - Dostart Development Company, LLC, Palo Alto, CA.  Architects - Korth, Sunseri, Hagey (KSHA) Architects/about, San Francisco, CA.  Maps - Mapquest,  Google, includes street/area view.

Related articles - Mercury News/Peninsula/Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, Staff Writer, 9/20/14, "Redwood City's downtown: the race is on to build office buildings."  The Registry/Bay Area Real Estate, SF/Nancy Amdur, 10/1/14, "Developers flood Redwood City with downtown office proposals."

Note: the development conceptual graphic is from the Dostart Development reference.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Every other city can but Pacifica!

You win hippies!

Anonymous said...

Yay! said...

@3:35 Where would you envision that same nine story building's footprint going in Pacifica?

Not against it, just curious.

Would be interesting to see what kind of annual tax revenue Redwood City is going to see from that building.

Redwood City is also still under a five year moratorium from CA Dept of Alcohol Beverage Control for "undue concentration" of off-sale licenses.

Anonymous said...

Nothing over 3 stories tall in Pacifica.

just wondering said...

Pacifica City are you Chris Vogel?

Tom Clifford said...

If I had my way we would rezone Palmetto,take out all the development on the West side and put in multi-story hotels and mix-uses buildings on the East side. Making for a main street that would be the envy of all the cities in San Mateo Country. said...

@Tom Clifford,
When you come S from Golden Gate Bridge:
Great Ocean Highway > Skyline > Cabrillo Highway

You don't hit any hotels before Pacifica, so I would imagine those would be successful developments.

From Bloomberg yesterday "SF has priciest hotel rooms in world" headline:
"The average price for a San Francisco hotel room has jumped 88 percent in the past year to $397 a night, according to an index compiled by Bloomberg of the world’s top 100 financial centers. The city ranks ahead of Geneva, where rooms set travelers back $292 a night, and Milan, at $271. Chicago, with rates at $240, ties Miami as the second-costliest U.S. cities."

@7:30pm, nope, but I've heard Chris Fogel speak and I certainly respect his viewpoint (opposition) on(to) the Linda Mar Equalization Basin set to go in at the CalTrans trailers (across from Linda Mar McDonalds) July 2015.
is a group of Pacifica residents with a combined 340 years residency opposed to the four 7-Eleven Inc convenience stores proposed for Pacifica this year by the Planning Commission. has content created, sourced and obtained by legal filing largely by four primary Pacifica residents, but if you've got something valuable to add in the battle, we're always happy to take a look.

Anonymous said...

730 Are you trying to say Fogel?

Chris Fogel said...

The person posting as is Dan Stedginc, not me.

Anonymous said...

That's right Fogel.

But I hear your the Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

I hear anonymous is Todd Bray.

Chris Fogel said...

I hope you're joking because that's pretty low. I get a kick out of LL's posts though. Mainly because they're an insight into the libertarian id.

Anonymous said...

Local Lib is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticing that crime is becoming more frequent, brazen and violent in Pacifica? Knifings, rapes, strong arm robberies, vandalized whale carcasses.....
The bay area population is increasing whether the NOBIES like it or not. Not having an adequate police force because we're so broke is a loud signal to the bad guys that Pacifica is easy pickins'.
We need some revenue to start flowing into our town so we can obstruct and apprehend the bad people flowing into our town. Faux environmentalism is not going to solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

1. Establish statistically that crime is increasing -- rapes, vandalized whale carcasses, etc.
2. Provide evidence that a) we have an inadequate police force, and b) bad guys know this, so c) they come to Pacifica for easy pickin's.
3. Demonstrate that a) increased revenue would increase funding and hiring of police, and that b) this would result in reduced crime.

There are many assumptions in this illogic. Connecting all the dots is the problem. Environmentalism has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

1153 Damn those bad guys. Why can't they vandalize whales in Walnut Creek?

Anonymous said...

1153 I'd worry more about faux logic because it, too, will not solve our problems.