Saturday, July 18, 2015

Planning Commission meeting, Monday, July 20, 2015

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on PCT 26 You Tube!  The planning commission meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  Planning Commission updates, archives are available on the City website/Planning Commission.   

Planning Commission Agenda, 7/20/15, pdf pages 61.
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 Hamburger and chocolate milk please.

Consent items.  None

Presentation.  2015-16 Economic Development Work Plan, approved by City Council, Anne Stedler, City of Pacifica Economic Development Manager. 

Public hearings

1 a.   UP-50-15, CDP-352-15, PSD-797-15.  Linda Mar Beach parking lot outdoor events, food trucks and music 1x per week, City of Pacifica. (Use, Coastal Development and Site Development permits).

1 b.  UP-51-15, CDP-353-15, PSD-798-15.  Area of the pier and 2212 Beach Blvd. outdoor events, food trucks and music, City of Pacifica. (Use, Coastal Development and Site Development permits).

2.  CDP-351-15, Construct a 380 square foot two story addition and a 350 second story deck to 125 W. Avalon Drive (APN 009-253-090), Robert Twigg, applicant, owner. (Coastal Development permit).
Related, Economic Development Division - Fix Pacifica article/Victor Spano, 5/22/15,"Meet new Economic Development Director." Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 10/28/14,"Council launches economic development division." City of Pacifica Resolution 1578, 10/27/14, pdf pages 5,"Establish a new Economic Development Division within the City Manager's Office and approve a new Economic Development Manager position."    Note photograph from Hallman/essay.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Ok let me get this straight:

During Trammell Crows and Peebles Corp. Quarry votes, the gang of no, mainly Peter Loeb and Hal Bohner claimed we had too much traffic.

During Caltrans proposal to fix highway one, they claim there isn't enough traffic.

Now over on Rip Tide, Loeb, is claiming 45 minutes to get from Manor to Highway 1 and San Pedro Road Exit.

Can the gang of no, make up their minds?

Anonymous said...

On a Saturday? Let's blame the schools! Get buses, make 'em walk, change the timimg of the lights and the school start times. That should fix it!

Anonymous said...

@446 No, you don't have it straight.

Kathy Meeh said...

^^^ 802 this is not a comment, it's graffiti. Explain something other than your tag of "NO" (from the Gang of NO).

Tom Clifford said...

At first glance the food trucks/beach party at Linda Mar looks like a fun Idea.

a second look revels flaws in the plan.

1. The parking lot is not under used on Saturdays and the food trucks will be displacing many of those cars. Much of that displaced parking will wind up in the Pedro Point shopping center reducing customer parking for those business.

2. The restaurants both those in the mall and in close proximity to the beach (Porto 27, Taco Bell,Devil's Slide Taproom, La Playa to name a few, suffer a double hit one they loose their customer parking and much of their vital weekend lunch traffic is lost to the unfair competition of food trucks that do not have the overhead of a brick & mortar restaurant.

We need to be careful that we do not create a situation the results in closing business that have supported Pacifica for years.

The proposal for food trucks at Sharp Park beach has the potential to bring several hundred people to the Palmetto business district on Saturdays, an area that needs more foot traffic and that could be a real boon to the business there.

Anonymous said...

4:46 - This weekend's traffic woes originated south of rockaway, and would not have been prevented by the widening.

Also, nobody in the history of cars has ever claimed that "there isn't enough traffic."

It would appear that 8:02 may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

526 Thank you from 802. And, Tom Clifford, once again you demonstrate intelligence and integrity. Those qualities don't always go together. As much as we all want the new Economic Development Manager to succeed, this food truck idea is better suited to Sharp Park and the Promenade and Pier area for exactly the reasons Tom cites. Fundamentalist Fixies, load your potato guns because this is one of those "great idea, wrong place" moments.

Flow-Bee Salad Shooter said...

I attended the last Economic Development Committee meeting where Ms. Stedler described in much detail the prospective Off the Grid event. There is "buy in" from many of the restaurants in town, however, those I'd call "struggling" are against it. None of the restaurants Tom Clifford mention as being potentially impacted by parking are against it, however as this goes to the hearing, perhaps some restaurants will come out to oppose and protest. Although from our perspective, there are many other better choices than Linda Mar Beach as a location for this....remember, the "Off the Grid" group is an independent entity of the City. They unfortunately were not too keen on Palmetto because it is not visible to heavy traffic, as is the Linda Mar Beach location. This is why we need a Giant reader board like they have in Serramonte Daly City to be placed in front of the exit to Paloma, so people know to come visit Palmetto. And also, yet another reason why we should not widen Highway One.

Kathy Meeh said...

950, or better idea, perhaps "we" should support widening Highway 1 to fix real traffic congestion where it exists. And "we" should support quarry development to produce real tax revenue for the benefit of this City.

NIMBIES can think-up a million ways to say no, including calling-out "traffic" when mixed-use quarry developments were proposed to include housing in 2003 and 2006 elections. So let "us" stop playing slide of word games, and agree to fix the major economic and infrastructure deficiencies of this city.

Meantime, let "us" step aside and let the Economic Development Manager and her team do their job. If the experiment doesn't work, surely it will end.

Anonymous said...


Remember our conversation about:

What happens to the voice of reason in Pacifica?

Jillian Michaels said...

Salad Shooter

More salads and less chicken fried steak at Black Bear Diner.

Now give me 50 push ups and 50 jumping jacks.

Anonymous said...

In other previously unreported Pacifica News:

Traffic is moving slowly on state Highway 1 south of Pacifica on Sunday afternoon due to a collision that closed the roadway in both directions at the Devil’s Slide tunnel in unincorporated San Mateo County, according to the CHP.

The two-car collision was reported at 12:49 p.m. in the Devil’s Slide tunnel, near state Highway 1, and the tunnel made it difficult for responding officers to communicate with dispatch, according to the CHP A Sig-alert was issued for Highway 1 in both directions at 1:35 p.m.

It was cancelled at 2:22 p.m., however, traffic is still moving slowly according to the CHP.

--Bay City News Service

Anonymous said...

I am a NIMBY and I want the food trucks!!!!!!!!!!