Friday, July 17, 2015

Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) needs additional space

Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, Features Correspondent, 7/14/15.  "Pacifica Resource Center needs help in stretching space."

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PRC might have space for a storage
container, or a single-wide portable
modular/trailer. Got ideas, can you help?
Image result for Pacifica, CA Pacifica Resource Center - picture.... With all the services that take place at the Center, things are getting crowded. "We have outgrown our indoor space," Rees said. "But we do have a side lot and our landlord has suggested that we use that space in a way that works best for us. We are thinking of either a storage container or a single-wide portable. If we got a portable, we would move our food programs in there so that they would be in just one space."

"We are looking to the public for help," Rees continued. "And we are looking for the right contractor to put the bid in to get the job done whether we get a storage container or a portable, whichever we can make work best, based on funding and location. But in either case, we need a contractor to do the prep work. We are asking the public if they have any ideas of where we can get a portable, essentially like a school portable, and/or if they can donate.  Read more. 

Reference - Pacifica Resource Center/Our Services. "The Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) is the only agency in San Mateo County that provides the following services to residents of Pacifica. Please note:  all PRC services, unless otherwise noted, have eligibility requirements." Programs include:  food, housing and emergency shelter, and other services.  RelatedFacebook.   

Note photographs. Pantry from a Pacifica Patch/Anastasia Crosson open post article 10/8/10.  Sign from PRC reference above.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

The PRC provides a wonderful service to the community however adding a storage unit to the premises in what is essentially a residential neighborhood is inappropriate. There are many, many empty buildings in Pacifica's commercial strip malls that should be looked into for an expansion or relocation. How 'bout Eureka Square?

Anonymous said...

Palmetto is primarily a commercial street where the PRC is. There are commercial buildings on the corner across from the PRC, next door to the PRC, and on the other side of the street.

Anonymous said...

Shameful how city council past and present make this group jump through flaming hoops just to get some money.

A storage unit with food in it is just asking to be robbed. It's only a matter of time before some tweaker breaks into the unit and tries to make a quick couple bucks off the bounty.


Yes PRC is in a commercial zone surrounded by residentials.
If the goal is to beautify this area and make it a place for the community to enjoy, relax and shop, bringing in large storage containers is pretty tacky.
Some of the blight on Palmetto is already bad enough. Let's not add to it. OK?

Kathy Meeh said...

To the above comments. Hungry people need food, the landlord says okay to the portable unit on existing land (no rate increase). PRC is trying to solve their space problem.
This is Pacifica where civic planning is limited, and the unwritten city motto is "get tacky". If you've lived here two-minutes, get real.