Monday, July 13, 2015

Coyotes in Vallemar

My name is Tori O’Connell and I am a Vallemar resident. I live at 298 Juanita ave directly in front of the hills. 2 weeks ago my indoor outdoor cat Nala was stalked by a coyotes. This coyotes went after her in broad daylight at 1:30 pm. A neighbor aw and scared off the coyote… 3 days later on 4th of July night with fire works and all coyotes were not afraid knew her scent and came back for the kill. she disappeared that night although we don’t have actual proof. she had been stalked by them and they had her scent so we were lead to believe it was coyotes. today on 7-12-15 at 2:15 pm, i was playing with my cats with the sliding glass door open, but screen closed i heard some movement in the bushes, i looked up to my back driveway  and a huge coyote as big as full grown lab or bigger was staring at me and my cats dead in the face. I yelled 3 times, finally after the 3rd time it ran off. these coyotes are not afraid of people. they are getting extremely brave and coming too close. I would say this huge coyote ( probably the same one that took my cat on the 4th) was about 5ft away from me and all that was in between us was a thin screen door. something needs to be done, these coyotes should be trapped and relocated they are a danger to humans and pets.

Submitted by Tori O'Connell


Anonymous said...

After the coyotes are done feeding n cats that careless owners allowing w to roam wild, they will go back to their usual prey like gophers, or starve to reduce their numbers and your problem will go away. In the meantime, enjoy your raccoon-free neighborhood.

Kathy Meeh said...

Tori, sorry to hear your cat was killed by our City wildlife.
Anyone know what Tori can do to protect her cats against these coyotes?

Initial resources may include your Veterinarian's Office; possibly the City, San Mateo County Humane Society, US Fish and Wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Not to be scary, but coyotes, like skunks and raccoons , are mostly nocturnal. If they are out in daylight, rabies is a definite possibility, and it's the right time o'year for it. If you see a skunk, raccoon, coyote, possum etc in daylight - assume it's rabid.