Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just another guy with 2nd ammendment rights - Alert!

This criminal could wander over the hill.  If you see this guy in Pacifica, give our police a call, 911 should be good enough.

San Mateo County Times/Joshua Melvin, 4/25/13. "Robber's mustache peels off during Peninsula holdup, police say."

Without the mustache, looks like anyone you've seen?
"BURLINGAME -- An armed robber who turned up at a bank Wednesday with a fake mustache and dreadlocks apparently used his disguise for nothing.   

Though he passed a note to a clerk at the Bank of America at 400 El Camino Real demanding cash around 1:25 p.m., he ran off before he got any, Burlingame police Sgt. Don Shepley said.

Police released surveillance photos Thursday showing his hair, which may have been a wig, and phony mustache, which started falling off mid-robbery.  Authorities haven't tracked down the suspect, who walked into the bank and passed a "threatening" note to the teller, Shepley said. He also lifted his shirt, which revealed the butt of a handgun stuck in his waistband.

The clerk was taking her time gathering the money when a co-worker approached her and urged her to hand over the cash. At that point the robber ran off, police said.  The robber was a white man in 50s who was about 6 feet tall and skinny. He wore a green stocking cap, glasses and a plaid shirt. He was last seen running east on Chapin Avenue.  Anyone with information can call Burlingame police at 650-777-4100. 

Reference Pacifica police.

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