Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playing money games in Washington D.C. hurts people

Silicon Valley Mercury News/Mark Emmons, 4/6/13.   "Bay area housing subsidies suffer from sequestration."  

Hope you look this good at 81 !
"Verna Hayden is 81 years old, lives on a fixed income and now finds herself an unlikely face of the "sequestration" drama emanating from Washington, D.C. Hayden would love for "those politicians" to see how frugally she lives so they could understand why the federal budget cuts to housing assistance has people like her so panicked.

"They should be in our shoes for just one week to see how we're doing our best to make ends meet and how losing even a little bit will hurt someone like me," said Hayden, who lives in a Gilroy retirement complex. "There's a human reality to what's happening. We're not just numbers."

Hayden is one of the thousands throughout the Bay Area who receives rental subsidies from the government's Section 8 voucher program. But local housing authorities are grappling with millions in sequester-forced cuts -- which means less help available for low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities."    Read article.   Photograph from the article by Gary Reyes/Staff. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

They have to cut her housing to give more to the illegal aliens. Democrats needs their votes more than they need this old lady.

Anonymous said...

Do you think anyone cares? Politicans are in politics for two reasons.

1. to stroke their ego's

2. $$

Anonymous said...


Kathy Meeh said...

Most people, including politicians, have an agenda, goals they want to move toward and accomplish if possible. With camouflage spin, an eco-agenda worked out well in Pacifica. And now that the city lacks economic balance, is broke, and has a threatened future, the eco-NIMBIES are still trying. Nothing new about the city revenue shortfall, the eco-NIMBY supported city councilmembers were just faking it for years, you know for the cause.

However, over many years our city councilmember majorities have favored fixing the highway 1 bottleneck. And that likely meant widening the highway, because nothing else workable was done.

Anon 4/7/13, 10:14 PM, you're right "the "sequestration" drama emanating from Washington, D.C." is the result of Republican votes (which is another good reason to be a humane Democrat). About immigration, even Fox News uses the current descriptive term for immigrants without papers: "Illegal immigrants". "A bipartisan group of senators is nearing agreement on a comprehensive immigration bill that would put illegal immigrants on a 13-year path to citizenship.." Remember, unless our ancestry is native American, with or without papers, all our families immigrated to the United States. (Go back far enough, and the native Americans immigrated here too, without papers, ha!).

Anonymous said...

However, over many years our city councilmember majorities have favored fixing the highway 1 bottleneck. And that likely meant widening the highway, because nothing else workable was done.

This has been discussed for 35+ years, and to date, nothing has been done!

Anonymous said...

127 Nothing will be done for another 20 years. It's not just a Pacifica issue. The serious opposition sees it as a coastal growth issue. Improving the roads brings more people and more traffic. As we in Pacifica know all too well, some people are dedicated to preventing that.

Anonymous said...

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