Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rising oceans, larger populations, shortage of water on the land

San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press/U-T San Diego, 4/27/13. "San Diego moving ahead on recycled water program."

drink recycled water
Recent poll, 73% in northern CA say YUCK!
"SAN DIEGO (AP) — The nation's eighth-largest city is moving ahead with efforts to use recycled wastewater for drinking supplies — a project that critics had long blasted as "toilet to tap."
Yeah, what's your criteria, cat?

U-T San Diego says the City Council last week voted to pursue plans for a recycling plant that would purify 15 million gallons of city wastewater daily. A 22-mile pipeline would bring it to a reservoir for mixing with other water.  A final vote is expected in about a year and the plant could take another decade to build.

A million-gallon-a-day demonstration project has been online for two years. In a recent poll, 73 percent of those surveyed favored the process.  Authorities say easing safety concerns coupled with worries about water shortages and rising rates may have helped change public opinion."

Note photograph/graphics:  Tap from, 10/29/12, cat from  Life is savage blog.  

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we can blame this on global warming also.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, do you just post this stuff to stir up the wing nuts?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, really really likes stiring up the wing nuts!

Kathy Meeh said...

Currently Sharp Park golf course uses recycled water for landscaping. Eventually recycled water may be used more generally in Pacifica and other cities: for landscaping, for crops, in conjunction with desalination, even for drinking water. According to the article, the City of San Diego is considering adding recycled water to their drinking supply on a permanent basis.

Anonymous 9:54 AM, the blog link graph you posted proves that a "cold start to Spring" in the USA is rare. In fact cold weather at the beginning of Spring is so rare the occurrence is 3x only, scattered over 133 years. However, a longer view of global warming is factually discussed in an older National Geographic article, 6/14/07.

So Anon 10:18 AM, 11:43 AM, why are you not able to FOCUS on the content of articles? Rather, why do you name call others "wing nuts", and make clueless comments about people with names (this time me). Again, the invitation for bloggers to submit articles of interest remains open. See instructions, blog upper left.

Anonymous said...

And yet the Sierra's had a mild winter after a really wet Nov. & Dec.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't find the idea of someday drinking recycled water flavored with "eau de Pacifica" particularly appealing. Bad enough that we have to smell it; now we're supposed to drink it? Bleeh!

Anonymous said...

More reason to stick to booze.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh said...

Well, surprise Anon 12:56 PM, more of the same weather news station, all within 5 hours. FYI, the video carries the updates, so you could probably leave that link up all day if you wish.

Yes, the East Coast had more than its usual nasty, cold, violent weather this year. Remember the Winter hurricane storms in New Jersey and New York? And the rising Atlantic ocean, rivers and lakes caused even more havoc.

But the west coast may have been dryer than usual this year. Like sunshine and 80 degree weather? That's us today. And here's an updated rainfall count (within 24 hours) from the San Francisco Chronicle. But your point was?