Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach parking, more understanding

Our readers will likely help you understand the coming beach parking policies, Bob. And good luck submitting your resume for ranger.

Pacifica Tribune, 4/23/13, Letters to the Editor.  "Beach parking" by Bob Spence

"Editor:  Please help me correct any misunderstandings I may have regarding the article on City Council's plan for beach parking. As I understand it, they want to spend $60,000 to purchase three digital pay stations at the Pacifica State Beach and the community center. If parking placards will be issued to members of Seniors in Action, does that include beach access? I saw nothing mentioned about a cost for handicap spaces in any location.

Yep, finding Ohlone Indian remains may be your job
The article states that this will generate an estimated $308,809 in revenue with an estimated cost of $379,000, leaving an annual loss of $70,191 but less than half our current costs of $160,000. If these figures are correct and the pay stations are a one-time purchase we will have $219,000 left to hire two additional park rangers. The highest salary for a park ranger is $63,180 a year (or three for $189,540) plus benefits. Where does the rest of the money go and what services will the rangers provide beyond parking enforcement? I have lived in Linda Mar for over 30 years and the only time I remember seeing a ranger was recently, when a sailboat grounded itself off shore. Of course, everyone showed up that day, so no clue as to if that was the Pacifica ranger. 

In the interest of reducing city costs, I am submitting my name to be a city employee as a Pacifica State Beach Parking Attendant. I will decline any health or pension benefits but in lieu of same, will accept six weeks of vacation plus holidays per year. This will keep the job and the spending local and at only $37.50 per hour or $78,000 annually, it would be less than a fully benefitted rangers salary. I will even supply my own uniform."

Reference - Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop/Staff, 4/16/13. "Paid parking at Pacifica state beach and community center passed." "City Council approved last Monday a long in the works plan to implement paid parking at the beach. The Pacifica State Beach parking lot and the parking lot at the front of the community center will soon have digital pay stations. The new charges -- $3 for less than four hours, $6 for four hours or more and $50 for an annual parking permit -- will go into effect July 12. The machines will accept debit and credit cards as well as cash."     Related - Fix Pacifica article reprints.

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