Friday, April 26, 2013

Redwood trees will make a difference in protecting our earth from carbon

Redwood trees are easy to grow in Pacifica, but you probably don't want them near your house.  

Good project for GGNRA mountain property
San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press, 4/22/13.  "Copemish, Mich--  A team led by a nurseryman from northern Michigan and his sons has raced against time for two decades, snipping branches from some of the world's biggest and most durable trees with plans to produce clones that could restore ancient forests and help fight climate change.

Now comes the most ambitious phase of the quest: getting the new trees into the ground. Ceremonial plantings of two dozen clones from California's mighty coastal redwoods were slated Monday - Earth Day - in seven nations: Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Germany and the United States.

....  "This is a first step toward mass production," said David Milarch, co-founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a nonprofit group spearheading the project. "We need to reforest the planet; it's imperative. To do that, it just makes sense to use the largest, oldest, most iconic trees that ever lived."  ....  In recent years, they have focused on towering sequoias and redwoods, considering them best suited to absorb massive volumes of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for climate change."   Read article.   

Related - Exploring the Eel River Valley website, "The Redwood Forest, big deal", Zeke Wiggleworth, Mercury News (not dated), includes 6:17 minute video. Photograph from this article by Jon Von Neumann.  

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