Friday, April 5, 2013

Allied Waste two day garbage strike affects the Bay Area

Recology of the Coast provides service as usual.  

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 4/4/13.  "Strike stalls garbage collection in Half Moon Bay, Midcoast service remains.
Allied Waste garbage strike

Labor strife in the Midwest has affected garbage and recycling pickup across the Coastside. About 1,000 residential customers in Half Moon Bay and even more city businesses will not receive service from Allied Waste Thursday or Friday as a result.   

On the Midcoast, service was continuing as normal. Recology of the Coast, the service provider for customers north of Half Moon Bay, was stockpiling garbage – 55 tons so far – so that union drivers didn’t have to cross picket lines at the Ox Mountain Landfill. 

The issue is a Teamsters union action that began in Youngstown, Ohio, and quickly spread to the Cleveland area. On Thursday, striking Teamsters showed up outside the Ox Mountain Landfill on Highway 92. Terms of their contract prevent about a dozen area  Sanitary Truck Drivers and Helpers Local 350 employees from crossing the picket line. As a result, garbage collection in Half Moon Bay came to a halt. Union workers for Recology continued to work for the company, with an office in Pacifica, though they would not cross the small picket line at Ox Mountain. 

“No, you really don’t want to stockpile garbage,” said Chris Porter, general manager for Recology of the Coast. “But all our routes are being serviced.”   Read article.

Related -  ABC local news, 4/4/13. "Sympathy strike disrupts Bay Area garbage service," includes video, 2:41 minutes.  "Teamsters at the Daly City offices of Allied Waste Services have set up a picket line in support of a strike in Ohio. More than 400 local Teamsters have walked out and are being supported by several other unions..... Dozens of Allied trucks are sitting idle in lots across the Bay Area. Allied Waste and Republic Services has thousands of customers in as many as seven cities in the Bay Area, including Fremont and Half Moon Bay. Teamsters set up a picket line at the company's transfer station on Highway 92."  Note:  photograph from this article.  The Daily Journal (San Mateo), 8/26/10,  "Garbage strike",  "Allied Waste officials were told about the landfill walkout by union officials before it occurred..."  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Oh, good. We are becoming just like Naples, Italy. Let's start lighting our garbage on fire so the rats and raccoons dont raid it. Love the Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Kron 4 news said the transfer station at Mussell Rock was being picketed. But no garbage pick up in Daly City.

Chris Porter said...

No pickup in Daly City, Half Moon Bay or Fremont yesterday or today. Dump sites in Half Moon Bay and Daly City (Mussel Rock) closed again today.

Anonymous said...

Naples is a pretty city. Not broken dusty and dirty like crapola Pacifica.

Plus they have better food!

Tom Clifford said...

Chris How long can you[Recology] stockpile garbage before you run out of space? do you have any other sites that you can send the garbage to. I hope this ends soon for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Naples? We should be so lucky to have their economy, history, and food. Closer to home, who remembers the garbage strikes in NYC? Now, those were epic. Summertime in the city.

Anonymous said...

Is Recology unionized?

Didn't Coastside Scavengers oust the union years ago?

Chris Porter said...

I was misquoted regarding stockpiling garbage. We are taking our garbage to another site within the Recology family. We are Union and have been for the last six years. You are correct that Coastside did oust the Union around 1980 but they were voted back in 6 years ago.