Wednesday, April 3, 2013

County Supervisor Carole Groom addresses Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

"Focus on the needs of this town, not what we can't do."  (Jim Wagner)

Pacifica Patch/Government, Christa Bigue, 4/2/13. "County Supervisor talks to Pacifica about issues."

County Supervisor Carole Groom
"At Tuesday’s Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Elected Official Forum & Coffee at the Community Center, San Mateo County Supervisor Carole Groom spoke to a room full of Pacifica residents, introducing herself as well as some of her legislative priorities, which include universal health coverage, increasing the County's stock of affordable housing through transit-oriented development, environmental protection, maintaining and preserving County parks, and growing the local economy.

This was the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee second meeting in a series of meet and greets with elected officials and business leaders who can make a positive difference in Pacifica. Local business owners, members of the Chamber's staff and board, library, school district, and city council were there, including mayor Len Stone.

...  To work toward positive solutions on these issues, Groom recommends, “The people of Pacifica having the will to find the right project and get ready to defend it,” she said. When it comes to widening Highway 1, Groom says she doesn’t have a position on it yet but when she sees some plans, she’ll “dig in,” she says.

Groom was positive about the work being done to rebuild Sharp Park Golf Course with a new irrigation and drainage system to coexist with the red-legged frog and keep the course open. She was also upbeat about the plans for Palmetto Main Street and new library, which she said the only issue there is funding."   Read article.

Note:  The photograph is from a San Carlos Patch. article, 10/8/12. 

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...


no one cares about the sad state of Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

1007, obviously you don't. Sometimes its better to say nothing, yawn.

Anonymous said...

what have the county board of supervisors done to help pacifica.

hint. nothing!


Steve Sinai said...

Tiresome "What has so-and-so done for Pacifica?" comments.


Kathy Meeh said...

Steve, 12:03 PM, I agree.

Anonymous, 11:11 AM, nothing happens at county level without the Board of Supervisors. Example, the Board of Supervisors, approved Pacifica's lead request to widen the highway, which was then sent to San Mateo County Transportation Authority. The Board of Supervisors (the County) stepped-up to support Sharp Park Golf Course, in alliance with San Francisco and Pacifica. Public health, roads, shared county management, budget, police, education coordination, etc.-- all exist within each county of a State, ours included.

Oh, the plastic bag ban which occurs April 20th or 22nd (Earth Day). Our county (Board of Supervisors) urged that ordinance, approved by our City (City Council). Blame them, or not.

And, if you think the County does "nothing", why would you ever want this city to disincorporate? What a scary thought that is.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica has failed. The City Councils have proven that they can not manage.

Sounds like something has been drinking the Riptide Kool-Aid.

Disgusted Dan said...

Jeez, the posters here make Lord Valdemort seem like a cheerful guy!
People forget that HMB, 40 years ago, had a dilapidated main street and no economy to speak of. The business community, along with their chamber, came together and willed a main street. Pacifica can do the same. You guys obviously aren't interested. You must sit around in your underwear writing snippy comments that lend nothing to the discussion. Why don't you take it to Riptide.

Steve Sinai said...

"You must sit around in your underwear writing snippy comments that lend nothing to the discussion"

There's a guy who moved to Texas a few years ago wondering how you knew that.

Anonymous said...

Nice of Carole to drop by. Horsley now owes her big time. Supes who make the trip to Pathetica get R&R when they get back home.

Anonymous said...

HMB may not have had a touristy main street 40 years ago, but they definitely had an economy. We have neither. Guest speakers and chamber pixie dust aren't going to change that. Never have.

Anonymous said...

My mother always took me to main st. I remember it being a quiet but busy street that had a lot to offer in the way of a place for people who were in the hobby world of sewing, crafting, painting, cooking, farming, etc.