Monday, April 22, 2013

Did you notice Earth Day is today April 22, 2013

The Earth Day theme outside Pacifica is "The Face of Climate Change"

The Christian Science Monitor/Focus/Pete Spotts, 4/22/13.  "On Earth Day 2013, a planetary report card on global warming."
Aurora borealis or northern lights

"Planetary carbon dioxide concentrations are the highest they've been in the past 800,000 years, an ignominious milestone for Earth Day 2013. Still, the world is making some progress toward addressing global warming.

The aurora borealis appeared just north of a snow-covered Canada in this image taken from the International Space Station last year. On Earth Day 2013, organizers have focused on global warming as a top issue."

Earth Day observances began in 1970.   "Since that first Earth Day, the air over major cities is cleaner. ....  The improvements have come with "yes, but ..." as other environmental challenges have elbowed their way to the fore. But for the most part, tools are in place to deal with them.

....  Most climate scientists trace global warming to the relatively rapid buildup of atmospheric CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels long sequestered deep underground."   Read article, 3 pages.   Note: the NASA file photograph is from the article.

Reference - Earth Day Network Organization, "Today is Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries are participating from London to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City, New Delhi to New York, Rome to Cairo; people everywhere are taking action in their communities and helping depict The Face of Climate Change".   Read More. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

BFD another day for the hippies to dance around.

Did you notice the other day was 4/20 day?

Johnny T said...

Did you see that 2 pound joint the cops in Santa Cruz cops confiscated?

Anonymous said...

Man, those cops had no right taking my blunt. Weed comes from the earth, man. Weed dont hurt no one.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica, has more pot heads per capita then Santa Cruz

Anonymous said...

then we should allow a few pot clubs. The taxes they pay are gigantic. A good club takes in 5-20 million a year. You can charge them anything you like for the license to operate.

But our council is too afraid of getting in trouble with the Feds.

Anonymous said...

One of the few things I've agreed with Ian on.

Anonymous said...

Our council is against anything revenue producing.

Anonymous said...

our city council is afriad of the dark!!

Anonymous said...

they have a couple of political careers to nurture and protect. be gentle. they're in their cocoon-phase.