Saturday, April 20, 2013

City Manager Search Survey, want a better city?

Please complete the following City Manager Search Survey,  though City Sponsored "Survey Monkey". After explaining to this "survey monkey" that I want a strong City Manager who will continue the work of Steve Rhodes (our current City Manager),  and move this city forward with economic development, I feel so much better. 

We count, complete the survey
I feel so much better after voicing my opinion that the City Manager candidate should have strong leadership qualities, and rebuff those who work against city economic progress and highway improvement.  By now we do know that "community" consensus is overrated, don't we? 

By completing this "survey monkey", YOU are sending YOUR message to the City Manager Search. The survey takes up to 10 minutes if you're slow, thoughtful, or angry about low level city progress. The city needs a future.  Alternatively, you may be sure the NIMBY circuit has already completed this survey with their "we want nothing" comments. Do better, lets get a transformative City Manager, one who will stand-up to criticism, and expedite needed city development.  Also, ask your friends to complete this survey, doing so may be important in choosing the best candidate.

Note:  Photograph from  Monkey World.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

No one covered the April 11th Town Hall Forum hosted by Mr. Kimura, the consultant conducting the recruitment and Ann Ritzma, who sort of took notes on big sheets of paper 'charette style'. I was there. About a dozen people showed up. Some of the "attributes" that people suggested included, in no order: Promoting Development and Friendly to Developers, Open to Female City Manager, Open to Highway One Alternatives, Transparency, Sensitive to the Environment, Promote Pacifica for Tourism, Pick someone Local, not from out of state. Someone honest. I felt the audience represented a good representation of all the political factions here in town.

The conversation while I was there focused a lot on the process of picking the City Manager. Would the public get to see the resumes of the top candidates? Would the new City Manager be required to live in Pacifica? Could Pacifica afford to attract top candidates? Kimura / Ritzma responded: They could not show resumes, there are some confidentiality issues with doing that. Getting the new City Manager to move to Pacifica might be challenging, given the current real estate market. They expected to get many applications. I was satified with all the answers. It was innovative. Not every city would do this. Be heard and fill out the survey.

Anonymous said...

Awww...our council of 5 and a city manager in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Who hasn't heard of survey monkey?

Anonymous said...

commonly used for info and opinion gathering