Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013, sad day, why

May the monsters who caused this mayhem be caught soon.

2013-04-15 Boston Marathon Explosions
Two bombs exploded
Silicon Valley Mercury News/Bay City News Service, 4/16/13.  "Bay Area runners finishing Boston Marathon witness deadly blasts."

"A Bay Area runner had just crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon today (4/15/13)  and was walking off his leg cramps when two bombs exploded behind him, killing three and injuring dozens in downtown Boston. Stan Rowland, 60, an attorney from Alamo, said he heard a sound like he'd never heard before a block or two away and turned and saw smoke rising from the marathon route.

"It was absolutely horrific," he said. Rowland's first reaction was to anger as he concluded that the two explosions were bombs.

He said that the event's volunteers kept remarkably calm, immediately guiding people from the chaotic scene of the blasts and clearing the area before police arrived.

Within minutes emergency responders swarmed the area, including police cars, ambulances and even military personnel who had previously been along the marathon's route as a tribute to the armed services.  Read article.

Related - Mercury News/Associated Pres/Jimmy Golen,"Boston Marathon bombs leave gaping questions:  Who and why."  The article  includes 58 photographs, including the above photograph  from Reuters by Dan Lampariello, 4/15/13.  

UPDATE:   CNN 4/19/13, Boston bombings in review, suspect #2 arrest, commentary.

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Anonymous said...

Are they Democrats mad that the BOMBERS are not white right wing tea party young males? I bet John May Bury His Head is depressed. But he will cheer up once Obama covers this , just like Benghazi.

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Anonymous said...

John May Bury his head favorite kind of Dream Act Student.

Muslim Jihadi Dream Act Student became a nationlized citizen last year on 9/11. His parents have threatened America if his son is killed. Jihadi brothers "were once sweet young boys" says neighbor. Somehow became radicalized on American College Campus. Where is Bill Ayers? Parents of Jihadi students are very educated. Both lawyers. They became political refuges in America after father was beaten near death by the KGB. Older brother had a sense of justice and became poisoned along the way. Uncle is disgusted. Chenchen President blames America for their radicalization. I blame Obama and Democrats.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous 10:20 AM, of course you blame "Obama and Democrats" because you are a far right-wing, bigoted, ethnocentric idiot. And the question is how twisted is the comment you just made linking unrelated parties, and unsubstantiated rumor (presented as "fact").

Locally, the name you refer to is John Maybury, "not John May Bury". BTW, what's your name?

Take a poll, most Pacificans prefer a fair Dream and Immigration Act, so you are out of step with YOUR lack of humanity. America is a "free, open society", most of our families have a history of having been immigrants. Unfortunately along with an open society may come irrational comments such as yours.

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Kathy, your racist bigoted name calling is a disease and you need a psychiatrist.

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stop it