Monday, April 29, 2013

San Mateo peninsula government meetings this week

The following information is from  Palo Alto Daily News/Peninsula, Staff, 4/26/13, "On the Docket,"  These are San Mateo County peninsula government meetings for the week April 29 through May 2, 2013. For more detail view the link.

Monday, April 29
San Carlos2+2 Joint City/School Committee to discuss traffic improvements; potential partnerships for facilities, parks and schools; potential sharing of the corporation yard; and a possible school partnership with SamTrans.
Future ABAG and MTC Pacifica quarry master plan

Tuesday, April 30
Atherton.  Community Center Advisory Committee is scheduled to select a chair and vice chair and to choose a project architect for the civic center master plan.
Los Altos. City Council and its commissions are to review council's priorities and accomplishments 2012-13, and priorities for 2013-14. 
Menlo Park. City Council is to receive a consultant's organizational review of the police department and a quarterly assessment of the city's general fund operations. 
Mountain View. City Council is to receive the fiscal year 2013-14 narrative budget report, as well as discuss operating models for the Performing Arts Center.  

Wednesday, May 1
Palo Alto.  Historic Resources Board to hold a public hearing on an application for an extensive proposed redesign of a Colonial Revival residence at 329 Lincoln Ave.
Palo Alto.  Utilities Advisory Commission is to discuss the future role of fiber optics in the city, as well as the proposed operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2014.
Palo Alto.  Planning and Transportation Commission is to hold a public hearing on the city's response to Plan Bay Area* and a related environmental impact report.

Thursday, May 2
Palo Alto.  Architectural Review Board is scheduled to conduct a preliminary review of plans to build a four-story mixed building with three stories of underground parking on a 19,563-square-foot lot at 2755 El Camino Real.

* Plan Bay Area.  25 year ABAG and MTC "One Bay Area Plan".  And the push back concerns:  David Price, Palo Alto Daily Editor interview with Barbara Simpson, KGO radio, published 4/25/13, 39:54 minutes.  Plan Bay Area is the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and  Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) State partnership master plan to provide low income/affordable housing and central transportation projects which will affect the entire 9 Bay Area counties.  

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Anonymous said...

Meeh, that photo caption is just a tad over the top. You are one crazy woman!

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 5:18 AM, well okay, "over the top" is sometimes the intent of photos and captions. (My choice).

This caption relates the fear of future Bay Area growth and congestion as expressed by David Price (Palo Alto Daily Editor) in his 39:54 minute interview with Barbara Simpson, KGO radio.

The fear of a congested Bay Area future David Price expresses may also be a bit "over the top", but it may be a future the Bay Area cannot avoid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a link of the interview of David Price would clear things up?

Kathy Meeh said...

There are 3 links on the article. Its the last link, good luck!