Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enjoying the weekly Tribune, not enjoying the broken highway

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 4/2/13.  "Time to fix the highway" by Bill Moore

"Editor: On early Wednesday, 3/27, I retrieved the Tribune on my knees from under my car, and having already made a pot of coffee, I sat in my recliner to read and start the day. Having lived in Pacifica for 38 years and having been involved in youth sports for many years, I always start with Horace Hinshaw. While Horace writes in the sports section, his ability to write and tell a story is not limited to the sports arena. His writing is always excellent and his portrayal this week of the Linda Mar stores that are no longer with us was exceptional. I remember well the long gone Linda Mar pharmacy he mentioned. Besides being well-stocked and very friendly, they provided delivery service to the homes.

----------Same 20 year Vallemar backup ---------
I then move on to the editorial page and read the editorials and letters to the editor. In today's paper there were two letters concerning there not being a necessity to expand Highway 1. The main premise in one of the letters was that a Fire Department spokesman said that to his knowledge they had not been delayed to an emergency because of the traffic on the Highway. However, in his next sentence, he said there still should be a widening of the Highway for emergency purposes.

The Fire Dept. may have been able to respond to emergencies but I have witnessed the fire trucks and ambulances having to slow or stop on Hi. 1 to let traffic clear or move over, and I have witnessed them having to drive on oncoming traffic lanes to get around traffic. The reasoning that no one has died yet, that we know of, does not dictate that we do nothing about the problem. That is absolutely ludicrous. We know there is a problem. Common knowledge of morning, afternoon or nice day weekend traffic more than states the case. Three retired Pacifica Battalion Chiefs have stated many times about their grave safety concerns. We have yet to find out definitively what the tunnel opening will do to traffic but common speculation states traffic will increase. The possible loss of life or property because of a known problem that has a solution is inexcusable. We have to fix the problem very soon."
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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I also have witnessed emergency vehicles carefully and sucessfully manuever through heavy traffic. A credit to them. But does not mean a fatal accident can not happen. NEVER say NEVER.

todd bray said...

Ha! where are the 4 LTE against the widening fallacy in this weeks Trib?

Feel it slipping away don't you?

Anonymous said...

Drama physician, please heal thyself.

Anonymous said...

By the same 4 people who don't want anything revenue producing in Pacifica.