Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Business Fraud Alert from Pacifica Five-0

The Pacifica Police Department is currently investigating a report by a local business regarding a potential business fraud. The business owner received a call from an individual claiming they were part of an ad agency, and claimed they were hired by the City of Pacifica to conduct a poll of business owners regarding the revitalization of the Palmetto Avenue business district. Further calls led to the offer of ad services available and the request for the business owner's credit card number.

The investigation is continuing into the validity of the advertising service, however, business owners should be aware that the City of Pacifica HAS NOT contracted with any agency to conduct polls of local businesses.

More information here...

Captain Daniel Steidle
Administrative/Investigative Services Division
2075 Coast Highway
Pacifica, CA 94044
650-738-7320 (Desk)
650-355-1172 (Fax)


todd bray said...

So much for the "pro business" folks on this blog. None of you find this horrid? Posers, the lot of you.

Steve Sinai said...

You're losing it, Todd.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but which part is bogus? The phone calls or the "revitalization of the Palmetto Avenue Business District".