Monday, September 5, 2016

Quest for the perfect NIMBY housing development, Harmony

Pacifica Tribune, 9/1/16, "Required utility easement slows Harmony@1 progress."

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OM......  ("pray for harmony" video 6:30 minutes)

"It’s been two years since Harmony @ 1 broke ground on its new project on the hill between Roberts Road and Fassler Avenue. The approved project allows a total of 10 custom homes. Each one requires individual approval from the Pacifica Planning Commission.

So far, a “model” home received the necessary approvals, but it has not yet been built. In addition, one of the lots has been sold, but nothing has been applied for there. Alex Fraser of Sonora Shores development said, thinking back to that big day two years ago, he expected to be further along on the project by this time.

“We had a delay getting an easement finished with PG&E,” he said. “We are right in the middle of finalizing the roads. Now that the easement has been recorded, in the next few weeks we will finish the roads, and install the gas and electric.”  Read more.

Reference. Harmony@1. Facebook.

Related recent articles. Pacifica Riptide/Chris Fogel, 9/3/16. "Reality check: "Nothing ever gets built in Pacifica," lots of photographs. YouTube/Jason Oertel, 6/3/16, video 1:09 minutes. "Arial view of Harmony at One housing development..."

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NIMBY involvement in guiding
this project, all washed away.
Related older articles.  Pacifica Tribune/Editor, 9/23/14, "$4Million value homes Living in Harmony above the Pacific Ocean." .... "Seven years in the making, Harmony @ One features 10 parcels of one to two acres each in a picturesque setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The homes are nestled into the sloping hillside and conform to the natural contours of the land, celebrating the west and north view of Linda Mar and Rockaway beaches." San Francisco Examiner/Brendan P. Bartholomew, 10/12/14,"Some Pacifica residents scoff at development of pricey homes." ...."The fear that developers might gain a foothold in Pacifica and carve up its scenic hills is frequently voiced by the town's anti-growth activists." California Home, 9/17/16. "Harmony at One' Breaks Ground in Pacifica." "The natural beauty and tranquility of Pacifica (also known as Pacific-ahhh) has drawn residents to this seaside enclave for more than 100 years. Located just 15 minutes south of San Francisco, in close proximity to all the vibrancy the international city has to offer, Pacifica is a close-knit, bohemian by nature, community." 

Note photographs. Meditation from Coach me, "How to Meditate."  Caption OM... meditation from Inner splendor Media, 5/15/08, 6:30 minutes.  Rocks from Shutterstock, HD 00:21, "Stones Pyramid On Beach Symbolizing Zen, Harmony, Balance." 

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Anonymous said...

The PG &E easement should have been done at the very beginning. Either they are incompetent or have a severe cash flow problem.

Anonymous said...

Curious: Why do they need an easement with PG&E if its all private property?

Anonymous said...

PG & E needs an easement to install all their infrastructure and to maintain the infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

7:28, If they own the property putting in an easement on the title should be fairly straightforward, yes? So what really took them so long?

Anonymous said...

Fwiw, I work for a fairly local municipal government (not Pacifica) and we've been trying to get power drops from PGE to some remote monitoring equipment in our water system for over ten years. Easement issues are no joke, and PGE is really frustrating to work with and schedule with.