Wednesday, September 14, 2016

West Sharp Park future, City Council Candidate Deirdre Martin

Questions deleted; response: view of an alternative world.

"Interesting response to my questions I asked on her Facebook page which she deleted."  (Robert Hutchinson)

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The people of West Sharp Park are almost all gone now.
"...beaches to enjoy and boulevards to walk.. a real vision."
Questions to Deirdre Martin (for City Council). "You are backed by the same people who gave us John Keener who is against every proposed development here.Can you tell us if you support any of the current proposals for the old sewer plant? Or the Palmetto beautification? Or replacing the seawall and promenade? Do you also believe we should implement Planned Retreat for Beach Blvd like your friend councilman John Keener, and abandon the street to the sea? John didn't disclose those radical views until after he was elected. I think voters deserve to know the truth before hand." (Robert Hutchinson)
Response from Deirdre Finnegan Martin
"Hi Robert, I'd be more than happy to discuss these topics with you. I've been asked this question throughout the course of my campaign over 10 meet and greets in Pacifica neighborhoods, at Pacifica and SM County Dems forums and Labor Council and Teamster interviews as well. My response has always been the same.   

I believe we have a unique opportunity before us to be on the forefront of coastal planning after making national news this year, not just at a local level but at a state and national level as well. 
I'd like to make sure we have a real plan in place to ensure we still have beaches to enjoy and boulevards to walk - which means planning and policy and a real vision for Pacifica needs to be in place.
Thanks for reaching out. If you'd like to get together I'd love to meet for coffee or I invite you to joking our next meet and greet at Edgemar Park in Manor at 4:30pm for burgers and dogs and some Q&A. Thanks Robert! " (Deirdre Finnegan Martin)
Submitted by Robert Hutchinson   
Reference. Facebook, Deirdre Martin for Pacifica City Council 2016. Note photograph from Visit Hollywood, FL, Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. Disclaimer: the choice of photograph, framing and implied caption understanding are that of the poster. 
Posted by Kathy Meeh


The Hamburgler said...

Let's all go and eat free hamburgers!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to abandon west Sharp Park to the ocean? Not build anything ever?

"I've been asked this question throughout the course of my campaign" "we need to study it."

Anonymous said...


Sure if you like Tofu Burgers!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a Politician already!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that beaches and places to walk are more important than homes and infrastructure, which makes it very clear who to vote for.

Anonymous said...

visit edgemar park at channing way and fremont rd, sat oct 1, 4:30pm – 6pm.
Pin Martin down as she waffles--what precisely will she do to protect our home values from ocean rise?? Will she protect the golf course? What areas will she abandon to "managed retreat"?

Steve Sinai said...

Martin's "nonanswer answer" is what everyone suspects it is - all development proposals and infrastructure improvements will be put on indefinite hold while studies are conducted, visions are clarified, and plans are put into place. Except the studies will never be completed, visions will never be clarified, and plans will never be put into place.

That's why NIMBYs think it's a great idea.

Nothing Burger said...

Q: Do you support the long-planned streetscape improvements along Palmetto?

A: I want to be sure all voices from our community are heard.

Q: What is your plan to ensure that Pacifica becomes (and remains) financially sound?

A: Pacifica is a beautiful area.

big fat nothingburgers served up, come and get yer nothingburgers!

Anonymous said...

She is the happy talk candidate. unions did not endorse her: she knows nothing, had nothing to say. Her civic involvement has been picked up other peoples' trash on linda mar beach.

mike bell said...

Keener and his support group are working much harder and much more effectively to advance his fringe environmental agenda than the rest of us are at stopping it. Keener came into office very deceptively. Now his supporters smell blood and are trying to once again stack the deck with their candidate Deirdre Martin. She's very good at creating "word salad" and charming people, but she is hiding her real intentions. She will absolutely vote with Keener every time to stop all progress in Pacifica. They are counting on the continued listlessness of Mayor Digre to follow their lead and then you can kiss a recovering Pacifica goodbye for another decade.
Isn't this worth fighting for? Isn't this the same inattention that enables a sicko like Trump to threaten our democracy?
Come on people. Open your eyes and stop this cancer that's eating into Pacifica the same way Keener and his supporters want the ocean to eat into Pacifica.
We get the city that we deserve.

Anonymous said...

All hat, no cattle.

Anonymous said...

Is word salad just like tossing salad?

Anonymous said...

The Keener cult has lot's of cattle and even more sheep. What else could possibly explain all the bullshit in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Word Salad is the only menu item in Sara Palin's - Wacko Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Save Pacifica from the sea? Better look outside Pacifica. Clowncil, present and future, has neither clue nor clout to do the job--even if they wanted to. And WTF is a Pacifica recovery? Ya got nuthin! Year after year, no matter who's in office--nuthin! A few more shacks slapped up around town is not progress.