Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Best time to fund one excellent library

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 9/23/16.  "One library for all" by Caroline Barba

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Modern West Sharp Park library
open 7 days, Vote Yes for N!
"Dear Editor, I am writing this letter because I am disturbed about how much misinformation there is that is circulating about the new library project. ...  .... The Foundation was formed after the JPA was formed, and part of the agreement was that Pacifica would work towards a single library that would meet the needs of all Pacificans. Much work has been done towards this goal, and the data is all there on the websites.

I strongly feel that now is the right time to move forward with this project. Interest rates are low, and the recent upgrading of Pacifica’s bond rating from A to AA- will further lower the cost. We have a site that the city owns and has been found suitable for development by two engineering reports, including one by a respected marine engineering firm, Moffat and Nichol.

The competent, professional city staff has worked with the San Mateo County Library and the Foundation in bringing the project forward. An award-winning architectural firm has been hired to do the design stage and will be actively inviting your participation in creating a library that will suit our needs.
I urge all interested citizens to visit the websites and become informed, or, better yet, visit one of the newer libraries like Millbrae or Belmont to see what we are missing."
Reference.  Pacifica Library Foundation.   City of Pacifica/The New Pacifica Library.  Moffatt & Nichol/Coastal Hazards Study, pdf pages 6.    Note: Conceptual rendering of the proposed new library from the City New Library reference.  

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