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California ballot measures made easy, November, 2016


San Jose Inside and Metro Newspaper/Jennifer Wadsworth, Staff Writer, 9/21/16. "Voter's Guide to California's 17 Statewide Ballot Measures."


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Funding government, and
may all my dreams come true.
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Some of these ballot measure
issues can never be resolved.
Thanks to the state’s longstanding tradition of direct democracy, every California voter becomes a lawmaker at the ballot box. But this year more than ever, citizen legislators of the electorate better do their homework. Seventeen state initiatives have made their way onto the fall ballot, including some of the most complex laws ever put to a popular vote.

Among the raft of statewide measures are proposals to legalize recreational cannabis, end the death penalty or speed it up, ban plastic bags and cap prescription drug costs. Not since 2000 have Californians been asked to wade through so many propositions. That’s not even counting a slew of local initiatives, which stand to make the Nov. 8 voter guide a record-setting 224 pages. In an exceedingly blue state where the presidential race is a given, high-stakes battles that affect our daily lives will play out by way of citizen-lawmaking. Study up now or get lost on Election Day.  Read article.

Reference, CA State Ballot Measure Propositions: 51, School bonds; 52, Medi-Cal funding; 53, Revenue bonds; 54, Public review; 55, Tax on wealthy; 56, Cigarette tax; 57, Prison parole; 58, Bilingual education; 59, Citizens United; 60, Condoms in porn; 61, Prescription drug pricing; 62, Repeal death penalty; 63, Gun control; 64, Marijuana; 65, Carry-out bags; 66, Speed up death penalty; 67, Plastic bag referendum.  See the article (above), which includes summaries linked to Ballotpedia description.

Note grahics:  Man looking in at government is the logo from Vote Smart, (@VoteSmart) | Twitter.  Head scratching man, face image to Fast Company Staff, 8/3/15,"Vote For The Worst Business Jargon..."  

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