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Oddstad workforce housing, community meetings September 18 and 26, 2016

Pacifica Tribune/Local News Print Edition, A2/Pacifica School District/Wendy Tukloff, Superintendent, 9/14/16.

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Future home of affordable workforce housing.
Maybe, it's Pacifica: traffic, not in my backyard, etc.
.... "Oddstad Project: workforce housing. Pacifica School District (PSD) is continuing the exploration of using the surplus Oddstad School property (930 Oddstad Boulevard) for workforce housing for qualified Pacifica School District employees.  

The current proposal under consideration includes approximately 45 housing units, retaining the soccer fields for community use, constructing a club house for joint use by the community and housing residents, with a portion of the property yet to be determined.

We will be holding two public meetings on this topic to gather community input: Sunday, September 18 at 3 p.m., Ortega School, 1238 Terra Nova Blvd. and Monday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m., PSD District Office, 375 Reina del Mar Avenue,. Please join us!"

Related news articles. Pacifica Tribune/Yasmine Mahmoud, Correspondent, 1/8/16, "School District weighs options for Oddstad property. "Pacifica School District continues to weigh its options in its deliberation on what to do with its Oddstad property, a former school site that hasn’t been used to capacity in nearly 10 years. .... An affordable housing project was mentioned at the August PSD Board meeting, and is being discussed in more detail." Pacifica Tribune/Horace Hinshaw, Tribune Editor, 6/29/16, "Oddstad School housing project goes on the road, Pacifica School District/Vacant."
Since 2006, the Pacifica School District has been trying to decide what to do with the vacant Oddstad School in Park Pacifica. ....  Education Housing Partners presented the results of a recent survey among employees and a feasibility study addressing the possibility of erecting workforce housing on the property. ... Board president Matthew Levie read a letter from Congresswoman Jackie Speier in which she voiced her support of the project."  Fix Pacifica reprint archive, Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 12/4/12,"PSD board makes all of Oddstad surplus for sale or lease; intends to keep ball fields there." .... "Instead of declaring the classroom portion of the site surplus and trying to attract a lessee for only that portion, the PSD board decided to declare the whole school site surplus and to offer the property for sale or lease, but with the clear intention that some part of the property will remain ball fields. The board directed staff to offer the city a low-cost lease of the fields."

Note photograph by Yasmine Mahmoud, from the related Pacifica Tribune article, 1/8/16.

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