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Too much business taking up space, too many jobs: Palo Alto

Oh, to have this issue here. The tech company overcrowding problem, not the housing issue. We have that already. Maybe our leaders should get on the phone and call the real estate acquisition officer from each of the named companies and say "Come on over!".  

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Palo Alto, a city with too much business success, bummer.
What can our City do to help Palo Alto?
The Wall Street Journal/Opinion/Andy Kessler, 9/16/16. "In the heart of Silicon Valley, they don't want new Jobs. Palo Alto is doing great, thanks. So please build your affordable homes somewhere else."

"The capital of Silicon Valley is ready to abdicate. A few weeks ago, bizarre as it might seem, Palo Alto Mayor Patrick Burt came out against jobs. “We’re looking to increase the rate of housing growth,” he told Curbed San Francisco, “but decrease the rate of job growth.”  Think about that. Almost every mayor in the U.S. is wracking his brain trying to entice jobs into town. Yet Palo Alto—3.8% unemployment, a magnet for the geek class, the place that nurtured Facebook —is telling everyone else to get lost.

.... ...  Palo Alto has already capped the annual growth of office space. .... Even Palo Alto’s residential areas are filled with startups, real-life versions of Erlich Bachman’s house from HBO’s 'Silicon Valley.' They’re easy to spot, having more cars parked during the day than at night. These companies offer high-paying and productive jobs that are great for society.

.... ...  Sounds like Palo Alto has room but chooses not to make it available for anyone else. It’s not exactly NIMBY—Not In My Back Yard. But maybe IGMYOOL—I Got Mine, You’re Out Of Luck. That’s the definition, I suppose, of a residentialist. Read article.
Submitted by Jim Wagner

Notes:  from the article. "Mr. Kessler, a former hedge-fund manager, is the author of “Eat People” (Portfolio, 2011)."  If you are not a Wall Street Journal subscriber, to read the full article, google the article title.  

Reference, City of Palo Alto.  City-Data.  Note photograph image from Crowne Plaza, Palo Alto.

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