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Looking back at NorCal dog surfing contest last week


SF Gate/KQED, Rachael Marow, 9/13/16. "Surfing dogs crush it at NorCal Championships in Pacifica."  (The contest occurred 9/10/16, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)


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"Dog surfing competitions are popular all over the country and beyond. But shockingly, despite the freezing water and wind chill, there's never been one in Northern California. Not, that is, until this past weekend at the World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica.

... All comers with a life vest and dog-sized surfboard were welcome to compete in Pacifica. But even though the event attracted hundreds of onlookers to the chilly beach on Saturday morning, only five canine surfers signed up for the challenge. Compare that to the 60 to 70 dogs that show up to compete at more established contests in Southern California and Hawaii, where the water is, like, warmer. .... With so few competitors, all the dogs who braved the water at Saturday's event won ribbons. There's no prize purse, but the competition helps to raise money for charities including the Marin Humane Society, Muttville, and the Peninsula Humane Society."  Read article.


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Related article. Mercury News/Patrick May, 9/10/16, "Surf's up for dogs in Pacifica." ...."With a beach full of smartphone-camera-bearing humans looking on, the contestants in Northern California’s first-ever and hopefully annual World Championship for Dog Surfing hopped on their boards one by one and headed out. Some were veterans, like solo surfer and world-record holder Abbie Girl. .... The plan: Each dog got 10 minutes to take as many runs through the surf as they could, being judged on style and distance surfed. Some rode in alone, with their owners swimming in behind. Others rode it out with their human partner on the board. ....'It’s like ‘Best in Show’ for surfing dogs,' said one dog owner at Pacifica on Saturday. And with the toot of Crump’s small bullhorn, the contestants were off, at times literally falling off their boards, but usually hopping right back on, with or without the help of their owners. Sure, there were wipeouts, but nobody got hurt, not even the first-timers out there trying their paw at surfing, still wet behind the ears."


Reference, World Dog Surfing Championships, inludes video, 1:01 minutes. "Linda Mar Beach, September 10, 2016, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. "It was a great day for the first time Norcal Dog Surfing event (aka the World Dog Surfing Championships), and over 400 dog and surfing lovers came out to check out the stars, including local media outlets such as KQED, NBC, KPIX (CBS), the Bay Area News Group, and more. (see press coverage and some videos here). Ratings were led by veteran solo dog surfers Abbie Surfs and Brandy the Pug, in close pursuit by tandem dog surfer Skyler, doing her first foray in solo surfing. There were four heats in all: 2 for small/medium dogs, 1 for large dogs, 1 for the top dogs (trophies). 

Top Dogs (trophies). 1. Abbie (Michael Uy, ); 2. Brandy (Jonny Dorman, ); 3. Skyler (Homer Henard, Small/Medium Dogs. 1. Abbie (Michael Uy, ); 2. Brandy (Jonny Dorman; the pug/ ); 3. Wes (Christine Campopiano, Large Dogs. 1. Skyler (Homer Henard,; 2. Barb (Linda Lyman,"

Reference, history. Surfdog Championships/about, includes video. "The Norcal Dog Surfing event & World Championships for Dog Surfing take place on the Northern California coast -- where the concept for the sport originated -- bringing together dog surfing talent.  Dog surfers are invited to bring home the gold for charity. During the event there will be a number of activities including the surf competition, partner tents and activities, and more." World Dog Surfing Championships/The Founders Cup, with video. "The very first Surf Dog competition in history was conceived and proposed by the author of the book, "The Dog's Guide to Surfing." After approaching a local Southern California hotel to host the competition, the debut event took place at the Loews Coronado hotel in San Diego.That event's success was so great that it has spawned similar dog surfing events across the world, including many in California, Florida, Australia, and the United Kingdom."

Note photographs by Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group from the related Mercury News article (above). Brandy the in orange, Skyler in pink, Abbie in black (with owner Mike Uy of San Diego).

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