Monday, September 12, 2016

County update, Supervisor Don Horsley event speaker

Pacifica Tribune/Chris Hunter/Special, updated 9/8/16.  "Supervisor Horsley addresses citizens on county activities." (Meeting event at the Grape in the Fog Restaurant was organized by Mark Stechbart and Jim Wagner).

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But what you mean, wake-up?
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Will sea level rise affect our
walk along Linda Mar Beach?
" .... ... "San Mateo County is working to upgrade the county’s library system. Citing the county’s financial assistance with the new Half Moon Bay Library, Horsley said “We’re willing to do the same kind of thing for Pacifica.”

....  Touching on the topic of sea level rise, Supervisor Don Horsley stressed his support for asset protection, whenever possible, rather than abandoning the short-term effort to protect seawalls. 

....  The issue of affordable housing and the housing crisis ... ....  People don’t realize that 62 percent of employees live somewhere outside of the county. That’s a major impact on traffic.”  He said that the half-cent sales tax known as Measure A would be on the November 8 ballot in the form of a request for an extension for 20 years. Horsley is committed to making some of that money available for affordable housing projects, continuing the county’s efforts to help solve the housing problem as much as possible. ..."  Read more.

Reference, speaker.  Supervisor Don Horsley, District 3.  Related. Note the Grape in the Fog restaurant link above is from Trip Advisor.  Note photographs. Wake-up from Emilia's blog, "Classical Conditioning?", 8/17/10.   Dog walk by Penni Gladstone, SF Gate/Ryan Kim, Staff Writer, 11/17/03, "Fiscal issues push recall in Pacifica / Residents want to toss 4 on council, including mayor." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Jim said...

There were over 50 people in attendance. County and city leaders as well as people that have been community leaders for years. Sue Vaterlaus officially launched her run for council. Sue and Don are on the same page wanting to move Pacifica forward. My hats off to both.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, the real community leaders Peter Loeb and his goons, had a hippie fest for Deidre Martin over the weekend at Shelldance.

Anonymous said...

The hippie fest was for No On W, not for Deirdre Martin

Anonymous said...


Same difference. Martin was there with the "gang of no"

I laugh every time these bozo's think Horsley is going to bring riches to Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh (proud to support bozos) said...

1208, actually issues of 1) upgrading the county's library system, 2) sea level rise protection, and 3) affordable housing are of interest to those of us in the bozo camp.

Compare that to the 146 hippie goon camp of "NO to all of the above".

Anonymous said...

12:08 wrong again. not there.

Larry said...

Bozos huh. the Superintendent of Jefferson High School District, the superintendent of Pacifica School District, Nihart, Ervin, O'neil, Library Foundation members, Community College Trustee Tom Mohr, trustees for Jefferson High School District, not to mention County Supervisor Don Horsley. Yep, bunch of bozos.

When you have nothing to fall back on name call. It fits the level of maturity displayed.