Tuesday, September 13, 2016

San Mateo Labor Council November 2016 Local Endorsements

Pacifica City Council (Choose 2)
Mary Ann Nihart - Endorse
Sue Vaterlaus - Endorse
Brigit Duffy - Silent
Deirdre Martin - Silent

Jefferson High School District (Choose 2)
Andew Lie - Endorse
Roberto Marques - Silent
Kalimah Salahuddin - Endorse

Measure W - Pacifica rezone quarry to include residential - Silent
Measure N - Pacifica Library Bond - Endorse


Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

So they won't endorse the quarry but will endorse the Library?

Oh and these guys also endorsed Canepa.

Anonymous said...

San Mateo County Democrats also would not endorse the quarry Measure W but did endorse the library bond Measure N.

They endorsed Deirdre Martin for City Council and did not endorse Mary Ann Nihart or Sue Vaterlaus. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821965514/

Anonymous said...

IDIOTS !!!!!

Kathy Meeh (Vote to continue progress: Nihart, and Vaterlaus) said...

Thanks 1031. Then the next question is, what was the criteria for such (dumbheaded for Pacifica) SMC Democrats endorsements? Was it paid-up membership in the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club? Or if a local vote occurred, who was in attendance, who skewed the vote; and did Daly City members also vote?
Remember last election (2014, vote for 3), incumbent Sue Digre was the SMC Democrats endorsed candidate: not incumbent Mike O'Neill, Eric Ruchames, Victor Spano,Therese Dyer, or Matt Dougherty, (Patch 11/5/14, quick results.)

I'm voting for the positive, proven leadership experience and track records of both Mary Ann Nihart and Sue Vaterlaus.
There is nothing that I've seen that indicates the "alternative" candidates (Deirdre Martin and Bridget Duffy) are qualified.
Their ideological orientations are NIMBY; and such votes on City Council, tipped to majority (3 of 5 city councilmembers), could threaten West Sharp Park, and the stability of this City).