Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reminder City Council Study Session: Sea Level Rise, Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Managed retreat?
in my neighborhood.

City Council Study Session on Sea Level Rise 9/27/2016, City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 6 p.m. 

"Notice is hereby given that the Pacifica City Council will hold a study session regarding Sea Level Rise to share information and gather feedback for next steps in addressing sea level rise issues in our community."

Reference.  City of Pacifica/Moffatt & Nichol, 6/2016, "Coastal Hazards Study Executive Summary, pdf pages 6.  Related.  Beachapedia, "State of the Beach/State Reports/CA/Erosion Response."

Note: This City Study Session is NOT shown on the Pacific Coast Television 26  calendar live stream as televised.      

Photograph from Surging Seas, Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central, "Personal Sea Level Rise Calculator."  

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