Thursday, September 29, 2016

More illegal Dierdre Martin signs

Submitted by Jim Wagner


Anonymous said...

Wow! "Save our Beaches" but litter on public property? someone should fine this lady.

Anonymous said...

Wow! doesn't this lady want to "manage retreat" and "save our beaches"? She is Littering or public land with her signs!!! They are nice signs don't get me wrong but she should not litter.

Steve Sinai said...

I have a vision of a woman who wears a jacket covered in NIMBY bumper stickers posting these without regard to what's public or private property. Probably the same person who illegally posted No on W flyers on benches at Mori Point.

Jared said...

And all the signs and flyers illegally posted on benches and display cases in rockaway. Sad that it forces city employees to waste valuable time cleaning up after them. Can someone advise the supporters of the rules?

Anonymous said...

It's just faux-enviros shilling for hypocrites shilling for NOBY's.
It's what these people are REALLY all about.

Sign of the Times said...

City of Pacifica is the wrong entity to complain to regarding signs placed on Caltrans Right of way. The business and professions code prohibits political signs on Caltrans right of way. Call Caltrans if you don't like those signs....they will be removed by Caltrans crew.

CalTrans said...

Good afternoon,

On October 3, 2016

Five total signs were picked up on Route (1).

(1) on Route 35 at Hickey.

(4) in Pacifica Manor and Paloma/Ocean.

All (5) were Deirdre Martin City Counsel signs.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Thank you,

Caltrans Public Affairs
Public Information Officer
San Mateo County