Friday, September 9, 2016

NIMBY attempts to smear Library Ballot Measure

Seriously, does Dan Stegink and his NIMBY friends care about facts they don't make-up for the "don't build anything, and don't fix anything" cause they do support?  I don't think so.

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, update 9/7/16. "Safety of proposed new library site for flooding is questioned."  

Proposed Palmetto Avenue library. Fix the seawall,
save West Sharp Park, build the Library, bring
a better City.  Vote YES on Ballot Measure N.
....  "Dan Stegink said he contacted the Coastal Commission because he wanted to make sure every voter had accurate facts at their disposal and to ensure everyone was working with the same set of facts.

Sue Beckmeyer, chair, Pacificans for the New Library, responded, “The statement in question refers to a letter from the California Coastal Commission—and to other third-party experts—who have indicated the Palmetto Avenue site for the new library is appropriate and safe for a variety of reasons. 

These experts validate that (1) building a library on that site is an appropriate use under the Coastal Act, and (2) it is safe to build on this site, and any development placed here will not be harmed by potential coastal hazards including tides, waves, and sea level rise, tsunamis, and bluff erosion. To address potential coastal hazards including tides, waves, and sea level rise, the city commissioned a study by Moffatt & Nichol, an internationally recognized firm that specializes in the planning and design of facilities that shape and serve our coastlines. Their June 2016 technical report ‘Coastal Hazards Study, 2212 Beach Boulevard’ addresses potential coastal hazards including tides, waves, and sea level rise, tsunamis and bluff erosion in exhaustive detail. A comprehensive presentation of the findings of the study was provided at the City Council meeting on July 21, 2016, and can be found on the Pacifica Community Television."  Read article.

Reference. YouTube channel/Education, Special City Council Meeting/Consideration Item 1 "Proposed Library Ballot Measure", 7/21/16, "Moffatt and Nichol Ecological Report", Dilip Trivedi, here, (from the article).  The Report begins 29:47 - 50:00 minutes, then City Council and other comments follow. The studies indicate sand plus seawall in front of the Beach Blvd site should protect potential development; the Coastal Commission approval allows more so commercial, less so residential.  Related, comments.  Dan Stegink's comments against the proposed Library project, 2:20 - 2:22 minutes. Stegink and some of his friends have continued to speak against Beach Blvd and Library development in this location, at prior City Council meetings; and they have dismissed the findings of official sea level studies. Also see Stegink, 8/29/16, "Coastal Commission denies vetting Beach Blvd property as safe from flooding or other coastal hazard risk", presented with no date, no linked letter, refers to "we" (who is "we")?

Related, City.  Fix Pacifica reprint, Special City Council meeting, 7/21/16, proposed Library ballot measure, YouTube full meeting, 7/21/16, 3:13 minutes. The project. City of Pacifica, CA/The New Library.  Note photograph from this City link. City Consultant. Moffatt and Nichol/about, ".... specialized expertise in structural, coastal, and civil engineering; environmental sciences; economics analysis; inspection & rehabilitation; and program management solutions."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh (reject negative nimbism) said...

"N" for Library Measure, "W" for Quarry measure. Think about it. Stegink's been busy.
(There was a Tribune article a few weeks ago that he was on a county committee to letter these Measures.)

Anonymous said...

Another front page article by Jane Northrop trumping for the wackos ruining our town. What the hell is going on with her?
Has she just become a tabloid sign painter? Is she losing her mind? or Has she actually joined this group of nuts? ( I guess that would be the same as losing her mind)

Anonymous said...

Did she report something that's not true?

Anonymous said...

That's a very weak defence. I would hope that everything she reports is true according to whoever she is quoting . It's what she consistently gives air time to that is disturbing. It is unbalanced and favours the complete idiots in this town who want to turn Pacifica into a rusty little seaside hovel.

Anonymous said...

Stegink really explores and questions issues and is doing a citizens duty to speak up!

Anonymous said...

Posted picture implies that Prop N ,No on N, will fix seawall and save West Sharp Park.Wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...


What proof do you have that Stegnich is in with the hippies and "gang of no"

Anonymous said...

10:55 so your concern is that she's reporting the news. As Scoop Nisker said, "If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."

Anonymous said...

The picture on this post is all the more reason to oppose the library. This is way too nice of a development for our town.
We should just paint a bunch of old retired school buses, line 'em up on Palmetto and call it the "managed retreat" library. That way as the water begins to inundate West Sharp Park, the nut jobs controlling our town can just move them to the other side of Highway One. Then they can organize a bake sale to pay an attorney to defend against lawsuits into the billions.
Problem solved.

Kathy Meeh (IQ above 70) said...

Memo to "proof" 11:42: Duh!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, there's a lot of news to counter the nut job "managed retreaters" coming your way.

Anonymous said...

11:52 "the nut jobs controlling our town". You mean Mary Ann Nihart, Mike O'Neill, Karen Ervin and city manager Lori Tinfow.

Anonymous said...

<< What proof do you have that Stegnich is in with the hippies and "gang of no" >>

Everything he says and writes. I heard he's on the local Sierra Club panel that determines who the Sierra Club will endorse.

Kathy Meeh (save our City from NIMBIES) said...

228, kind of a twisted point of view from you, right? Exactly the reason NIMBIES need to be kept out of control of this City FOREVER!

After decades of undermining this City with extreme measures of limiting progress, bankrupting developers, promoting a City "no growth" and "Pathetica" reputation; and causing the unloading of productive land into permanent empty space-- you consider the City Councilmembers, City Management, and other City leadership people working to save this City, and bring-in rational progress: "nut jobs"?
Oh, sure....bla, bla, bla, bla... "nothing for Pacifica".

For others, please continue to support City survival and progress. Vote for 1) Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart, and 2) Sue Vaterlaus!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you're not following. Somebody used the phrase ""the nut jobs controlling our town." Well, if Mary Ann Nihart, Mike O'Neill, Karen Ervin and city manager Lori Tinfow are not the ones controlling our town, then what are they doing as the majority of council and city manager? If they're not the ones controlling out town, they're not doing anything at all.

Kath Meeh (somebody is study in the "not job" past) said...

1144, the leadership Councilmembers (Nihart, O'Neill, Ervin) you named are part of the solution.
Since Lorie Tifow (City Manager) was hired (2013), there is an effective management team in place-- finally, after all these years.
Keep progress in this City on track. Vote again for incumbent Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart, and for Sue Vaterlaus!

Anonymous said...

If they're part of the solution, what have they done? They're ineffective. If the management team is so effective, what have they done?

Anonymous said...

Trust me the "nut jobs" are still controlling our town. Loeb, Verby, Lancelle, Digre, Keener and their cult followers hurt our town at every opportunity. They view themselves as the only ones with the right answers and everyone else is wrong. They are against every conceivable effort to pull our economy out of the toilet (read the latest election flyer of Deidre Martin if you want to see what they are up to). They are recruiting the next generation of wacko-enviro cult members and supplying her with talking points and money to seal the deal. She a very loyal puppet. She already knows how to use talking points to sound as if she is in support of our environment, save Pacifica for her kids, yada yada. Her real intention is to oppose everything that might improve our city and calls it "Saving our Beach" (code for managed retreat).
Don't be fooled the fix is in. We don't need anymore of this uber selfish NIMBYism.

The Scorekeeper said...

What have they done? Well, there is a dog park. Sorry, there was a dog park...

Anonymous said...

You must be a Trumpster. Your myopic view of Pacifica's challenges is the same view that fuels those who say Obama is an abject failure. Never mind that the racists controlling the house and senate have been blocking every effort of his to improve our country for the last 7 years. Jokes on you, he is succeeding anyway in spite of the right wing cultists. Pacifica is succeeding in spite of you.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a failure. Epic failure. I can't think of one thing that has improved for my family since he took office. And you, 9:24, you marginalize yourself every time you play the race card. That one is REALLY getting old.

Kathy Meeh (race to perspective) said...

323, hard to know what you're referring to: job, technology, recovery from the worst recession (2008) since the great depression-- remember that? And interference from Congress, ruled by the party of NO.

Kathy Meeh (Think progress and vote that way) said...

8:48, 9:07, what has the City management team done? Oh a few things.
City Accounting is now functional, and has found City Fund and Bond monies which were MIA.
Palmetto Avenue Streetscape, and Beach Blvd development are moving forward. The City is seeking grant money to shore-up coastal wave damage, and replace the north seawall.
Departments of the City have made some structural improvements, and are coordinating better. Example, Waste Water and Public Works are sharing some duties, (creating more efficiency, and saving money).
Bonds are being refunded to lower interest rates.
The City's credit rating has improved, and City debt has been restructured to prevent this City from potential disincorporation. (No more NIMBY talk about how good defaulting to SM County would be).

City transparency, communications, reporting, website, goals, accountability, management structure are all much better since City Manager Lorie Tinfow set-up the management team.
But it's doubtful this amount of progress and City stability would have occurred without the urging of the savvy City Council majorities that resulted from the past 3 City Council elections.
Stuff like that.

And 8:48, 9:07, why don't you get back to us and tell us why the dog park (assisted in set-up by the City) is closed, (if it is closed).

Anonymous said...

These 2 statements can't both be true:
1. "the nut jobs are still controlling our town"
2. "the savvy City Council majorities that resulted from the past 3 City Council elections."
Which is it?