Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel get away to Pacifica, almost never foggy

Foggy Evening, Pacifica, California
Monday, June 1st, so far this year the
weather has been mostly foggy and cold.
Examiner/Leisure/Travel/Karla Erovick, SF Romance Travel, 5/30/15. "24 hours in Pacifica."

"One of my favorite getaways is the coastal town of Pacifica. ....  During a very busy week, we stole away for a brief overnight in Pacifica. Driving over the hills from San Francisco and seeing the ocean unfold below, always fills me with delight. The myth that the weather is always foggy and cold in Pacifica was probably started by the locals themselves to keep the town to themselves. It is sunny more often than foggy.

....  After hiking it was time to check in to the Pacifica Beach Hotel, chosen for its’ proximity to the ocean and views. Linda Mar Beach, famous for its surfing, is located across the street. Ocean front trails connect with the other neighborhoods in Pacifica. The sunny weather robbed us of the opportunity to take advantage of the fireplace but not the spectacular views from the balcony. Rooms were bright, cheerful, and comfortable, made even more enjoyable by a large Jacuzzi tub. Even the indoor pool had stunning ocean views."  

....  Details: Pacifica is a beach community a mere 20 minutes from San Francisco. For more information about the myriad of things to do in Pacifica, visit the Chamber of Commerce website or read this article."  Read more.

Related In the Field: photo blog by Richard Wong.  .... "Living close to the Pacific Ocean in Northern California is an awesome experience, but also very aggravating in some ways. Every morning for instance, my windows would be covered in a layer of fog and would be difficult to keep clear because it was usually cold, windy and moist outside at all hours of the day.Note photograph by Richard Wong from his professional photography website.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

It's been cool and drizzly every night and morning.

My rain gauge never lies!

Anonymous said...

What the?... stop re-printing articles that put forth the claim that our "environment is our economy". Friggin traitor!

Anonymous said...

Have you no shame, you traitor? You know that enviro propaganda you're sharing is the only thing stopping Oracle and Roche from building campuses here. It's all your fault. And, we were that close to a 7500 unit housing development. All to be built in the quarry. That close!

Maxwell Smart said...

Missed it by this much ||.