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Alternative plan pink sheet: sue "everyone",
alleged objective: delay, gain zero.
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BTW, why not ride your bicycle to work?
"Dear "Editor: No surprise that opponents who desire to stop the Highway 1 safety widening launched another lawsuit. After all they lost 100% of their county lawsuit when the trial judge ruled all environmental protections have been honored. So they will continue to sue and complain, increase taxpayer costs, keep us stuck in traffic by going to the Federal Level to sue Pacifica.

What is astonishing is the Tribune ran the self-serving opposition press release without bothering to seek opposing views of people who support the Highway 1 widening. The article does not even state who the writer of this article is! What kind of journalism is that?

Also note the Center for Biological Diversity is apparently part of this lawsuit. This is the same group who participated in the suit to close the golf course. An attorney group who is out of Arizona that we as taxpayers get to pay (win, lose or draw) for suing us. Thank you Peter Loeb, Hal Bohner, Center for Biological Diversity and the No Group who should look for ways to work with the city to solve problems instead of constantly suing."

Posted by Kathy Meeh