Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reminder, don't be fooled by seemingly otherwise "nice" NIMBIES

'A supporter's sign'
35 years later, Fix the Highway!
Next City election, limit good
candidates, and vote progress.

As shown periodically on the "Don't Fix Pacifica", Pacifica Riptide blog.   "Thanks for maintaining the best blog in Pacifica." (John Keener, Pacifica City Council)." And Riptide is the best "Don't Fix Pacifica", pretty pictures, no City progress blog. Congratulations NIMBIES, you have earned your self-appointed award!

But, want  an economically viable City?  Along with City action and support activities, you are welcome to share thoughtful articles with links, and comments here on the "Do Fix Pacifica" blog. (Instructions for articles are located on the blog upper left; add any pictures with links, and captions). 

Middle ground politics, hum. For decades, voting for and supporting those who will not move this City forward hasn't been working that well. So, don't be fooled by the inclusionary word "community".  By "community", the Gang of NO/NIMBIES  are likely not referring to you, unless you are actually placating the best interest of their "Don't Fix Pacifica" tribe.  And if you are appeasing NIMBIES, have you seen enough permanent City infrastructure damage yet?  

Otherwise, if you are observing the obvious, this City needs significant economic and infrastructure solutions. So support that! Be active and vocal in advocating for City leadership that does promote a better, smarter City.  After all, it's our City, we ALL live here. And when we win, your NIMBY friends, or x-friends, by default will also benefit. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

13 comments: said...

I'm all for economic development of Pacifica, but do we have to always be for sale to the lowest bidder?

Our natural resources are irreplaceable- the Beaches, Mountains, Views and Wildlife are the greatest asset we have in Pacifica.

We could do a lot more to promote the world class geographical resources we have without putting 24 hour 7 Elevens selling beer and wine on every corner.

There are opportunities to promote, protect, and monetize these assets in the same way some South American countries developed eco-tourism in the early 2000s that both protected their assets and made those countries better places for everyone involved (yes, even the animals).

I attend City Council meetings on a regular basis and frequently disagree with Mr. Keener, but you will never find him unprepared, bamboozled by spreadsheets, or ineffective. He is also a fixture at community events including the long-neglected Fairmont Association.

Unlike San Francisco, there are few Pacifica positions that are a stepping stone to further office... sure Asst City Manager Lorenzo Hines will eventually go on to be Treasurer of the State of California (he's that good), but I have never doubted every Councilmember is actively doing their best to make this City better.

And thank you for your blog. I check the headlines every day and frequently find meetings and information here that are not published anywhere else. (Unlike its City Council, this city has a bad, bad website, and a horrible public communications strategy, ;-).

Mariah Carry said...

Pacifica.City, would you suggest an anti-chain/anti-formula ordinance in Pacifica, such as that in San Francisco? I think 7-11 might be inter-changeable with Starbucks, and other outlets. The gas stations, such as Shell Oil have adopted the 7-11 store as a model for their LOOP outlets, so 7-11 is not unique in offering...all that it offers. I'm not so sure, based on your writing, you are opposed to 7-11 in particular, but all chains, all though much of your rhetoric at Planning and Council meetings is pointed at 7-11 in particular. What do you think? The following link defines chain/formula.

Anonymous said...

Hey just a goldarned minute! Some of us want to buy the goods and services sold by these chains. Must we go elsewhere for everything? I think some would prefer a commercial-free Pacifica and they're close to getting it. It's the rural Ecuador model. Peddlers with carts
doing business with the cooks and maids at the trade entrance. So charming. Of course, one can never have enough hair and nail salons. said...

Thanks for your question Mariah Carry.

Our opposition to 7 Eleven is that they're a bad neighbor, not that they're a chain.

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11! said...

I still don't get it Your comment above that Maria Carry reacted to does not say 7-11 is a bad neighbor. Instead, you bring in and underline the idea : Our environment is so wonderful, with it's beaches and mountains and what not...why muck it up with 7-11s on every corner?. I don't see much difference between non-locally owned merchandisers such as 7-11, and other fast food outlets and the ilk. Having a Del Taco or Church's in town where Denny's is will bring trash just like 7-11. Why not go after them all chain/formula stores. What is your personal beef with 7-11?. Wasn't there a little girl back east who got up at 3AM in the morning to catch a bus in the rain to get a slushie from 7-11? She was quoted by the bus driver as saying, "I want a slushie". Why would you want to deprive the youngsters of Pacifica of convenient late night slushies? You beast!

Anonymous said...

What kind of neighbor 7-11 is or any other business is largely determined by the city. A lax, poorly-run city allows businesses to become bad neighbors by failing to apply and enforce reasonable standards. Business looks out for the bottom line and corners are cut. It's the city that's supposed to look out for the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Every city needs a few stop and robs.

Especially ones near a major freeway, easy getaways

Anonymous said...

3:19 Did you just say Del Taco and Church's were going in the old Denny's? Damn you KIMCO!

I'm so outta here if that's true!

Anonymous said...

516 Have you seen the traffic?

Anonymous said...

600 You sure about Del Taco and Church's @ Denny's? Don't be triflin' with people's lives. After the news about the Discount Grocery, this stuff could cause Pedro Pointers to hurl themselves en masse into the sea.

Steve Sinai said...

@Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11,
7-Eleven sells Slurpees, not Slushies. Get it right.

truth or dare, fact or fiction said...

Grocery Outlet is not coming to Pacifica. That is straight from the Real Estate Department at Grocery Outlet. Parking is a mess and the store is too small. Sprouts didn't even look long enough to pass.

Whole Foods is doing a small format store. I don't know the requirements. In Fresh & Easy's lease they were designated 40 parking spaces, we all know that never happened.

Aldi is moving in Southern California.

There is nothing on Church's website that says they are coming to Pacifica. Same with Del Taco.

6:25 the pedro point nimbys are even more dangerous than the old nimbys.

Anonymous said...

533 That's awful news. I was so looking forward to the big banners shouting discount, bargain, rock-bottom prices and the crowds of bargain-hunters wandering around the neighborhood. Maybe a similar biz will appear? And yeah, those nimbys are a new breed. They make the older models look anemic.