Friday, June 19, 2015

Firefighters to the rescue, this time it's a cat

Image result for cat up a tree picture 
Image result for cat up a tree picture
Up is easy, what is down?
From Pacifica Tribune Facebook, 6/12/15, reprinted in the Pacifica Tribune, "Firefighters save Vallemar cat", 6/16/15. These articles include Jane Northrop Vallemar/firefighter photographs.

"This morning in Vallemar, our wonderful firefighters saved a cat from a large eucalyptus tree. Yes, firefighters really save cats from trees! He had been up there for at least 24 hours, according to Hazel Robinson Ames.

Thank you for sharing this cute little tidbit Hazel! And thank you Pacifica firefighters for rescuing the kitty!"

Note photograph/graphics. Cat in tree from  News Thump/UK. Grumpy Cat from Quick meme.

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