Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet the new Planning Director, Tina Wehrmeister

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 6/2/15.  "New Planning Director takes the helm."

Image result for Pacifica City Planning Commission picture
Tina Wehrmeister, Planning Director,
and Kathryn Farbstein, Assistant Planner
"Tina Wehrmeister, on the job as Pacifica's planning director, has become a familiar face at meetings these last few months..... Before starting my job with Pacifica, I was employed by the city of Antioch for approximately 14 years and served as their community development director for five years. I left the city of Antioch to work as a planning consultant for Pacific Municipal Consultants in February. I was serving the city of Pacifica in that capacity when I was fortunate to be hired as the planning director.

.... The Planning Department includes the divisions of Planning (new development and policy/code preparation), Building and Code Enforcement. I am looking forward to working with our capable staff to improve the overall efficiency of the Planning Department as well as improve its processes and procedures. Working as a team and in concert with other city departments, the Planning Department will strive to provide exceptional customer service. We will actively listen to our residents' needs and concerns, treat them with respect and try to assist them through the various planning and development processes. We also look forward to providing the same excellent service to the business community and fostering economic development."  Read more. 

Reference -  City of Pacifica/Planning Department.

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Note photograph:  Face page image to Planning Commission meeting, 5/14/15, YouTube 1 hour, 38 minutes. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Great, another non coastal duffus. And boasting of development achievements in Antioch is like boasting of achievements in unplanned over development in the surrounding areas of Antioch, you know the empty track homes and endless big malls with no tenant other than Home Depot. Ick.

Kathy Meeh said...

949, a personal work history is a fact, not "boasting", whereas your comment smacks of NIMBY boosting. Remember, your ideology is what has short-changed this City. Time to support City progress, rather than City failure.

There are some nice pictures for you on the Antioch website. Think progress!

Anonymous said...

949 You've got to be kidding, right, because you can't be that ridiculous. No. said...

One might argue that four new 24 hour 7-Elevens in Pacifica this summer are not progress, and that the Planning Department should immediately release the addresses of all planned locations ((700 Hickey Blvd (Chevron) and 505 Linda Mar Blvd (Dave & Lou's Valero) are currently known)) so that Pacifica residents can make an informed decision with all the information.

The Pacifica Planning Commission unanimously decided on July 3, 1972 that they wanted 7-Eleven to have neither 24 hour service, nor gasoline sales, a fact reported in both the July 3, 1972 PPC meeting minutes, and this July 5, 1972 Pacifica Record story:

While I agree to disagree with the Planning Department Staff on 7-ELEVEN INC, I do agree that Tina Wuhrmeister, Bea and the other Tina at the front counter, are courteous, competent professionals.

Their microfiche copies ($5 a pop), however look like they were made by rubbing a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper between two rocks, albeit a problem that may have originated before Ms. Wurhmeister worked here as an intern, lol.

Welcome Tina!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what a 7-11 produces in sales tax revenue for the city? Or a quik-stop? No gas sales just the usual convenience model. And any ideas on what a 7-11 with gas would mean for city revenue?

Anonymous said...

1241 I agree the public should be made aware of new businesses, particularly business that may effect their quality of life. Already done by the city? They can always do more.

That PC decision re 7-11 made 43 years ago is a great place to start the discussion. It's a different Pacifica.

Steve Sinai said...

In my experience, 7-Eleven gas is a little cheaper than typical gas station prices, so it wouldn't bother me if 7-Eleven sold gas in Pacifica. Can't say I'd be too excited if four new ones opened up, though, if that's actually being considered. We already have too little diversity when it comes to Pacifica businesses.

Just wondering - why is the person behind hiding their identity? Seems hypocritical to tell the city it needs to release information on the proposed 7-Elevens so citizens can make an informed decision, while doesn't believe in transparency itself. Is its philosophy, "Do as I say, not as I do?"

Steve Sinai said...

1:03, I don't know about the 7-Elevens other than I recall they were in the top 25 list of sales tax revenue generators a few years ago, but according to the following 2-year old Patch article, gas stations produce the most sales tax revenue for the city. said...

Hi Steve Sinai,

Thank you for your comments. is not one person, we're a concerned group of citizens with a combined 281 years of Pacifica residency.

Some of us live a block from proposed 7-Elevens... some of us live closer... some of us don't even know how close 7-Eleven will come to our children.

If you'd like to meet us in person you can attend the Fairmont Association meeting at 7pm this Monday June 8, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Are these 4 new sites or remodels? Putting a 7-11 with gas at the corner of One and LM Blvd is
a replacement, albeit bigger. I think it would serve very well the needs of the community and travelers on Highway One. We need the revenue and the convenience. These are the folks willing to invest in Pacifica at the moment. Perhaps the hours could be a little shorter.

Do we really need to worry about who asks the questions? They need to be asked and the answers from the businesses and this city need to be forthcoming and accurate. That's the challenge.

Anonymous said...

A guy named Dan Stedginc is behind the website. He mentioned this during oral communications at last night's council meeting.

Anonymous said...

Oh the horror! 7-11s everywhere and a grocery outlet at Pedro Point. Heads are going to explode at the thought. Really big heads.

Steve Sinai said...

1:33, can't promise anything, but where does your association meet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Steve. We need the sales tax. It's a shame we're a town of 7-11s and nail and hair salons, but that's exactly what we are. It's the fate of the bedroom community that has nearly nothing to develop even if it chose to do so. Not all is lost because 7-11s serve a lot of tourists and such. The dream is safe.

Anonymous said...


It is confirmed that Grocery Outlet is not coming to Pacifica!

Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a couple more 7-11's and Tattoo places on every corner? Oh and the city has 6 surf shops?

Kathy Meeh said...

355, oh yes, confirmed by Anonymous with no linked confirmation whatsoever. Get back to us when you have confirmation that Grocery Outlet will or will not fill the empty Fresh and Easy space.
At the 6/1/15 Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Director mentioned a another grocery store will fill that space. Which grocery store?

Anonymous said...

No discount grocery store for Pedro Point? Quick, someone tell the Pointers that they're still real special people. They've felt, you know, threatened.

mike bell said...

Pacifica is a "bedroom community that has nearly nothing to develop even if it chose to do so."
Are you kidding? Have you looked at this beautiful place lately?
If we had any common sense, a little imagination and politicians willing to stand up to the "Nothing For Pacifica" cabal we could develop a spectacularly successful ocean front tourist destination just a few short miles from one of the biggest drawing cities in the world.
This defeatist attitude is our biggest problem. All the "guys for nothing" have, is big mouths and good organization.
The only reason we are in this financial pickle is that too many rational thinkers are sitting around doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nice of F&E to find another grocery, even a discount grocery, to sublet. F&E had another 12 or so years on their lease for that big space. Several discount grocery chains with similar names so there could be confusion, but one is coming to Pedro Point. They're kind of like affordable housing. The neighbors protest, but the need and the customers are there.

Anonymous said...

Mike Bell, I'm serious. You suffer from occupational optimism. Totally understandable.

mike bell said...

What an odd comment.
What does being optimistic have to do with my profession?
Do you even know what my profession is?
I have always believed that Pacifica could and should be a gem on the coast.
I have also always believed that anything is possible if you focus correctly.

Tom Clifford said...

Amen Mike

bizzaro Pacifica hippie world said...

In the world according to Pacifica hippies, noobees, nimbys, Loeb and his goons, and Bray, everyone who works for a living are bad.

Tying up the Holliday Inn expansion and chasing developers and investors out of town is good.

Suing and costing a financially challenged city and costing the taxpayers money is even better.