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$4 million general fund surplus on $14 million budget, Half Moon Bay

The Daily News (San Mateo County), Samantha Weigel, 6/13/15.  "Half Moon Bay has $4M Surplus."

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$4 M surplus (plus or minus)
"After years of treading water to stay afloat during the recession while settling a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, Half Moon Bay officials are thrilled the city’s balanced budget for the coming fiscal year highlights significant progress. The City Council approved its budget last week that includes a nearly $4.1 million general fund surplus as well as significant investments in capital improvement projects that will benefit the community. Notably, the city is making progress toward paying off its debt incurred from the lawsuit over the botched Beachwood property decades early, hiring new employees cut during the recession and setting aside funds for a new library.

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We had a dead whale too
....  Having slimmed down staff and contracted for many services, being able to make new hires is a significant indicator for the small city.  Now, the city plans to enlist three new full-time employees — a senior analyst in the City Manager’s Office, a dedicated city engineer and counter technician who would assist those inquiring about city services.

....  While remaining mindful that the economy could turn, the city’s $14 million general fund budget is a significant improvement from the small $8 million the city had to work with a few years ago, Mayor Marina Fraser said. ....  Yet challenges remain as Half Moon Bay, like many Bay Area municipalities, has nearly $32.8 million in capital improvement needs without identified funding sources, according to the report. The city also has a five-year capital improvement program budgeted for more than $52 million to cover parks, streets, public buildings, trails, sewers and more."  Read more.

Note photographs:  Pumpkin Festival pumpkin face from Millrose Inn. Dead baby Humpback whale from NBC Bay Area news/Riya Bhattacharjee, 5/23/14. 

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