Friday, June 12, 2015

City Council goals, priorities,"Work Plan": Fiscal Year, July 1st through June 30, 2015

New:  Accountable Fiscal Year City Council goals and priorities are now managed through the City Manager's Office, and Economic and Financial Team.  The following text is quoted from the Interactive City Council Agenda, 6/8/15,  noting 3 updates, see Item 6, Report.

Being accountable IS the new normal.
"Background/Discussion. Each year the City Council convenes in advance of the new fiscal year to develop a set of goals, projects and initiatives to be implemented in the following fiscal year.  The timing works to align the City's financial resources (via the annual budget development process) with its plan of action for a particular period of time. 

City Council set six (6) goals. This year's process began in February with a goal setting meeting where the Council discussed its shared vision for the City.  That process produced the following six (6) goals:
1.  "Fiscal Sustainability" includes activities such as investing in economic development to increase revenues, funding a reserve/emergency fund, and being well prepared for grant opportunities.
2.  "A connected community" includes activities such as taking actions to restore trust in city government, expanding communication, and building community.
3.  "Stewardship of City infrastructure" includes activities such as repairing/replacing outdated city facilities such as city hall, the libraries, fire stations, etc., improving streets, responding to impacts of sea level rise.
4.  "A healthy and compassionate community" includes activities such as addressing affordable housing and mental health services, investigating strategies related to homelessness, and supporting youth services.
5.  "Preserve and enhancing natural resources" includes activities such as mapping out parks and open space, preserving hillsides and beaches, paying attention to flora and fauna needs, and environmental health.
6.  "A strong workforce infrastructure" includes activities such as strategies to address employee retention and attraction challenges, engaging staff in decision-making, and recognizing staff.

---- City Council developed shared lists of Priorities.  ...
1.    Launch the Economic Development Program
2.    Start Phase 1 of the Palmetto Streetscape Project and continue development of the "Beach Blvd" (considered two separate projects, updated page 3).
3.    General Plan Update.
4.    Repayment of the $4 million in loans.
5.    Community engagement process related to the Highway 1 widening project.
6.    Affordable Housing needs.
7.    Create an employee recognition and retention program.
8.    Introduce Priority-Based Budgeting for FY 2016-17.
9.    Construct a new library.
10.  Raise the Pavement Condition Index (the PCI is determined based on a standardized methodology to measure the condition of all streets and roadways).
11.   Conduct a needs assessment related to new City facilities.

Those eleven (11) plus the projects and initiatives below that were already underway, and that Council confirmed should continue, produced a final list of projects and initiatives.
12.  Create Emergency Reserve Fund.
13.  Work with San Mateo County on developing a regional approach to address sea level rise and other water related issues, (updated page 3).
14.  Complete and obtain grant funding for Pedro Point Headlands and Trail.
15.  Obtain and complete funding for Milagra Off-Ramp and Manor Overpass.
16.  Equalization basin.
17.  Complete the Safe Routes to Schools project.
18.  Improve and complete the sewer collection system.

Together, the projects and initiatives have been developed into the "Draft 2015-16 Work Plan" which is presented to the City Council tonight (6/8/15) for adoption." ...  (And was adopted by City Council, 6/8/15)Attachment 1, spreadsheet, pdf pages 3.

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


U.S. Sinking Ship Pacifica said...

This is like waiting for your house to be completely burned down, then call the fire department.

Too Little, Too Late.

Anonymous said...

Here's a priority: have the city auditors id where $4M went. The city has hired an auditor (name unknown, contract buried somewhere) to do the comprehensive annual financial report for 2014. The report is underway and due late summer.
The last report is 2013.
I did not see anything in this 2013 report where the auditors caught the $4M budget shuffle. Someone with the time could get the 2014 auditors contract and send them various news reports and shifting explanations regarding the $4M. Let the auditors find and explain what happened. They may have to restate reports back a couple of years....

Anonymous said...

There are 18 new and ongoing goals. Only ONE of them will result in demonstrable revenue for the city. The rest represent increases in expenditures.

City of Titanica!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Captain Smith, but which ONE of them are you talking about? These are all re-cycled or reprints from some seminar. All except the one about the 4 million which ought to be at least 4.75. Oh well, it's not like it'll ever be repaid so who's counting? Flora and fauna? Overheard on the Titanic?

Anonymous said...

818 Errors in the audit? Mon dieu! Or, maybe they did all that they were asked to do with what they were given to work with. Some audits are more comprehensive than others. You get what you pay for.

To the lifeboats! said...

The Beach Blvd project will bring in measureable revenue. I'm feeling generous this morning, so I assuming it'll get done eventually. As to exactly how much it brings in and at what point we begin breaking even on it (having already thrown millions down this rat hole)...who knows?

The rest of the goals will cost us money. And many of them a LOT of it in the form of ongoing capital outlays.

Blub, blub.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain what exactly the Beach Blvd project is or give some reference to a link for explanation. All I know is that council is hell-bent to put a $54,000,000.00 non-revenue producing library there.
What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

1042 The books are at the bottom!
Generous? You're Bono in a manic phase. Revenue from Beach Blvd? Waiting for the report from Wink Wink Accountants LLP. Their motto "Tell Us What to Count".

My lifeboat has a hole in it! said...

The Beach Blvd property is the large now-vacant spot by the pier where the sewer treatment plant once stood. Council chambers are there now, as well as a sewage pumping station (insert joke here).

The city thinks it can "add value" to the property by handing off a pre-permitted development to a set of builders who will construct condos/townhomes, a restaurant and a hotel.

Of course, this being Pacifica after all, "adding value" means spending literally a million dollars in consultants to study the property and recommend retaining a loud and smelly sewage pump station on the property and to insist that a kabillion-dollar vanity library (that the community doesn't support) be built on a sizeable portion of the property.

That being said, there will be some revenue generated upon the sale of the property, but just think how much of that has already been blown on the mobilization of the Third Airborne Fleecing Division of the Consultant Combat Command.

The claim has always been made by the city that this project, once completed in the year Twenty-Nevery-Never A.D., will bring in $500,000 in annual tax revenue. To which I say, they could have only come up with this figure while at a team building seminar at Burning Man and the city should probably dial back the hallucinogen use.

Anonymous said...

126 Thanks for placing that city-issued absurdity at the top of this thread in the proper perspective. City Hall likes to pretend. Careers depend on it.

Where is Mike O'Neill? said...

Where is Mike O"Neill?. He has not attended the last few Council meetings. Is he seriously ill? And if yes, what ails him? Will he be returning or will we have a vacancy on Council? We need his brand of common sense to get through this mess, so get well soon Mike.

Anonymous said...

Mike is recovering from a planned medical procedure. No idea what it is, but at a council meeting he mentioned it and said he'd miss a couple meetings. All the best, Mike!

Tom Clifford said...

Mike will be back soon, he is recovering from double knee surgery.

Get off your lazy AZZ said...

Here's a priority: have the city auditors id where $4M went. The city has hired an auditor (name unknown, contract buried somewhere) to do the comprehensive annual financial report for 2014. The report is underway and due late summer.

Go into City Hall do a public records request.

Tom Clifford said...

Just remember to bring your Credit Card P.R.R. are not free you pay by the Page. Nine years of budget documents is going to cost ya.

Anonymous said...


Can I just use your credit card?

Just ignore the charge from Tesla Motors!

Tom Clifford said...

I do enough damage to my c.c. on my own. Tesla is probable going to get a good chunk of my money when I go off the grid. Those batteries that store solar are just what I need to tell PG&E bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Stop this insanity! It is surreal to read the city's goals. The level of denial goes up the sicker the patient gets. Pacifica is terminal.