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Mountain biking in our environment

Pacifica Tribune/Jim Sullivan, 6/23/15. "Riding the hills."

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Our trail is our erosion, oh well.
"Riding my mountain bike up the Old San Pedro Road above Linda Mar district last week I glanced up towards Montara Mountain, Montara Knob, North+South Peaks, Sweeney and Milagra Ridges. ....  From Pacifica all the way to Half Moon Bay, there are trails and fire-roads on which to ride. 

.... What we volunteers on the Pacifica Open Space and Parklands Committee seek is to familiarize any and all within earshot of the multitude of trails that lace the hills and beaches that surround us in Pacifica. From entry level-kid friendly beginner trails to Olympic level athlete challenging terrain." Read article.

Related - International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), Jeff Marion and Jeremy Wimpey, (2007), from a IMBA book. "Environmental impacts of mountain biking: science review and best practices." "Mountain biking is still a relatively new activity whose environmental impact and contribution to trail degradation is poorly understood. As with all recreational pursuits, it is clear that mountain biking contributes some degree of environmental degradation.

In the absence of adequate research, land and trail managers have frequently been cautious, implementing restrictive regulations in some instances (Edger 1997). Surveys of managers have shown that they frequently perceive mountain biking to be a substantial contributor to trail degradation but lack scientific studies or monitoring data to substantiate such concerns (Chavez and others 1993; Schuett 1997). ... Trails are generally regarded as essential facilities in parks and forests. They provide access to remote areas, accommodate a diverse array of recreational activities, and protect resources by concentrating visitor trampling on narrow and resistant tread surfaces. ..." 

Related, YouTubes. The thrill of the ride, Jake Taylor, 1/31/12, Pacifica mtb/mountain biking/bay area mountain biking., 27:32 minutes. Or, or the even "more quick and scary" version. Anthony Passemard,"Downhill mountain bike, the mile in Pacifica, CA, 4:35 minutes.  Both are nuts from my view.

Note photograph from MTBR, NORCAL/Top Two Coastal riding towns, Mendocino/Mendobikesprite comment, 11/26/11. 

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