Wednesday, June 3, 2015

City budgets, now here's one: San Francisco

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Pacifica Budget Gnat: $28.8 Million

His proposal includes spending $400 million more this year than last; the city could be getting new buses and Muni Metro cars. The budget also calls for improving signals for bikes and pedestrians and improving the streets.

There is also a big focus on police; the police department will get $20 million more than last year for new officers and another $3 million for body cameras. Here's how the extra money and spending translates into jobs: there will be extra 1,178 new jobs in city government, 400 police officers, 198 firefighters, 55 emergency medical technicians and 36 dispatchers.

The board of supervisors will amend the budget over the next month before voting on it."

Related - City of Pacifica Budget: 2015-16 proposed FY General Fund  budget, $28,751,000.   All Funds potential. Summary/description, pdf pages 5.

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