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Four enter race for supervisor: Race starting early, North County residents only to vote in 2016 district election

 April 11, 2015, 05:00 AM By Bill Silverfarb Daily Journal

For the first time, in 2016, residents of north San Mateo County will have a chance to pick their own supervisor for the District 5 seat currently held by Adrienne Tissier, who will be termed out.

So far, four candidates have lined up to replace her including two who currently serve on the Daly City Council, one who serves on the Brisbane City Council and another who serves on the Colma City Council. In 2012, San Mateo County voters changed the county’s charter so only those living in a specific district can choose a representative supervisor rather than having all voters choose all supervisors.

Most of the 58,716 voters in the district, about 66 percent, reside in Daly City with the rest living in Brisbane, Colma, Broadmoor, parts of South San Francisco and parts of San Bruno.

The dogfight for the seat will clearly be won in Daly City, where two candidates, David Canepa, 39, and Michael Guingona, 53, currently serve on the council.

Both have earned thousands of votes in their respective bids for council while the other two candidates have only had to secure hundreds of votes to win their council seats.

Colma Councilwoman Helen Fisicaro, 63, and Brisbane Councilman Cliff Lentz, 50, are the other two candidates in the race and neither earned more than 1,000 votes in their last races.

In fact, Fisicaro only needed 144 votes to win her re-election bid in 2014 and Lentz, who finished third, only needed 684 votes to win a second term in Brisbane in 2013.

Canepa, however, earned 16,338 votes in the 2012 presidential election and Guingona earned 7,940 votes in the 2014 general election. Voters turn out in greater numbers during election years like it will be in 2016.


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pizza pizza said...

These people are looking for all you can eat pizza!

Fairmont is not Daly City said...

Canepa must have did something to want to get out of Daly City. Hmmmm..

Where do I live? said...

It has also been long rumored he actually lives in Pacifica. In Manor!

Kathy Meeh said...

915, "He lives in Daly City with his wife Ana." See Daly City Mayor David Canepa/about website, last sentence.

400 (alleged same as 915), David Canepa is serving his second elected term to Daly City City Council. (Daly City may also have term limits, Pacifica does). County Supervisor is a next step-up from there.

Anonymous said...

Thank God and Bernie Sifrey that Pacifica has term limits.
Time to reinstate term limits for the Planning Commission.
A group of lawyers (5 of them) is not a fair representation of what is supposed to be a civilian commission.
Watching Richard Campbell and his other legal beagles sneer and smirk about what the "definition of is, is" during proceedings it really quite disgusting. This coup of Enviro-Gangsters has no objectivity about hiway widening or anything else that may benefit future Pacificans. The Gang of No lost majority (for now) on council so they made sure to pick it back up in planning, which is why Loeb and Bohner are real cozy with them.
Wake up Pacifica!

Anonymous said...

How soon they forget! This is the New Planning Commission hand-selected by the New Council. That it is so similar in results produced to the bad old PC tells you exactly what we really elected. Elect the wrong people and you get the wrong PC.

Anonymous said...

1207 Remember to thank Nihart, Stone, Ervin and O'Neill for this planning commission. They picked it. Yeah, ask Tom Clifford.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that O'Neil did not vote this way.
How they voted is public record. See for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kathy someone "in the know" told me he lives in Manor!

Please accept the facts that people out there know more than you!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I thought there were only 3 lawyers on the PC. And one of them is clearly for the widening.

And if Canepa lived in Manor, somebody would have proved that by now.

Somebody "in the know" told me that Obama was born in Kenya.
Please accept the fact that people out there know more than you.

Tom Clifford said...

Mike & Sue voted to keep me on the Planning Commission Karen,Mary Ann and Len had other idea's

I believe four of the Commissioner have a law background.

Kathy Meeh said...

219, looks like 306 toasted your lame rumor comment. Thanks 306!
The list of Candidates for San Mateo County Supervisors (above article) indicates Daly City Councilmember David J. Canepa is age 39. And states the age of David J. Canepa who lives in Daly City as age 39. No other match.
There is a David L. Canepa, age 67, who lives in Pacifica. Because of the age difference and the fact that David J. Canepa grew-up in Pacifica, its possible that that David may be David J. Canepa's father. But that's just another trivial and seemingly pointless rumor.

Pacifica Tribune/Barbara Arietta, 6/3/14, published an excellent announcement and background article when then Daly City Mayor David J. Canepa would speak to the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats, 6/21/14:
..."Canepa, a Pacifica native son who was recently appointed Mayor of Daly City for the term 2014-2015, is also a current candidate for the 5th Supervisorial District seat, which is due to be vacated in 2016 by termed-out Supervisor Adrienne Tissier, on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.
... To Canepa, it's all about accessibility and accountability. He enjoys being out amongst the public, meeting and greeting people as he gathers important information from both his staff and local community organizations in his quest to help improve the lives of his constituents."

Anonymous said...

151 Why don't you get your facts straight? Start with Tom Clifford's post about how Nihart, Stone and O'Neill forced him off the PC. Guess what they replaced him with? They carried on the fine tradition of nimby PCs. Ervin in lock step with Nihart.

Anonymous said...

Oops. My bad @727. Meant to say Nihart, Stone and Ervin forced Clifford off the PC. They made all sitting commissioners reapply for their posts. Leo Leon did not reapply. Nihart, Stone and Ervin did not reappoint Tom Clifford or Celeste Langille. What you see on the PC today is their handiwork. Worked like a charm. They were applauded by fools who thought it was a coup while the nimbys hardly blinked. BFD. Vaterlaus and Cooper are the only consistent agents for progress and Vaterlaus is game but often clearly in over her head. Who wouldn't be in that crowd? Council got exactly what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

If the voting records of this council are public record why not post it here so we can all see what's really going on in Pacifica.
I watched the infamous Planning Commission meeting where that little snake Richard Campbell was playing Perry Mason with the language around the Calera Creek Parkway expansion.
I realize that it's nearly impossible to strip politics out of anything that involves the public but is it normally the case that a Planning Commission becomes a political activist organization for a cause celeb?
I thought their job was to approve or deny requests brought before them based on adherence to local codes.
This council better get their "council wannabe kids" under control before they cause even bigger problems for themselves and everyone else. For a bunch of lawyers these guys are either not too sharp or their arrogance knows no boundaries.
Remember the recent Brown Act violations?
The public is not going to tolerate too much more of this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Vaterlaus is in over her head. The problem is she is surrounded by a bunch of bully asshole lawyers who don't respect her or anyone else who might get in the way of their agenda.
They mostly follow Campbell's lead who specializes in treating people as if they were inferior to his monster intellect. Classic little man syndrome.
He's an even bigger prick than Vreeland.

Anonymous said...

820 LMAO. The majority of the public, with which you are so very out of touch, is just fine with the PC actions.

Anonymous said...

828 You just don't like that Campbell, do ya? Campbell is neither the dominant personality on that panel nor the intellectual leader. And that panel was handpicked in a complete reorganization run by Nihart and Stone and their new council majority. Remember the celebration of that new majority? Well, the new majority delivers same kind of PC as old majority except these guys are turbo-charged. Vaterlaus does her best and that's not too shabby, but she's really out of her league and not much more than a token appointment for her industry. You can thank that new council majority for its deft tokenism. Whining that she's surrounded by lawyers is pathetic. It's 2015 and this is the league. The PC has always been a stepping stone for council and won't that be interesting?

Kathy Meeh said...

Observational view: the progress side of the Planning Commission includes John Nibbelin, Sue Vaterlaus and Jeff Cooper. That's three (3).
Middle, leaning nimby: Chuck Evans.
Nimbies: Richard Campbell, Josh Gordon, and Mike Brown. That's three and one-half or four (3 1/2 or 4).
Personal view: take away the 3 1/2 or 4, and add-in Tom Clifford. We'll be fine.

Sue doesn't use a lot of excess language, and her comments add practical insight and value.
All the Planning Commissioners are smart; some are manipulative, particularly the nimbies-- what's to like about that?

Anonymous said...

That's some observation, Kathy. Take away 3 1/2 or 4 and it really would be a new PC (and it would take a new council to make those appointments). Until that happens, which one is Scalia?

Anonymous said...

I take exception to whoever is calling Mr. Campbell the P word. He is currently chair of the Planning Commission, elected by his peers to that post. I have met him, and although we are not on the same wavelegnth, he is an okay guy by me. Such Cursing against a fellow human hurts my eyes. It is not civil. Moderators?

Kathy Meeh said...

331, Anonymous takes exception to calling Campbell the "P word"-- as in what, "Planning Commissioner" (PC)?
Some more forward thinking people might agree, however, that even "nice guy", smart legal NIMBIES really do not belong on the PC-- because, probably they will be working an anti-development, anti-progress agenda.
And over 30+ years, NIMBIES "cursing" against this City is more than an assumption, it's a reality, as evidenced in poor city infrastructure.
Hence, it seems your anonymous comment is ill-defined, hardly pro-"civil", and way too sensitive. But maybe you can stop crying, and say something meaningful.

Anonymous said...

331 Campbell's no shrinking violet. Doubt he'd give the commentary on here a second thought.