Saturday, June 20, 2015


Pacifica has a shortage of all housing types. That drives pricing and creates rental shortages. The notorious Gang-of-No strikes again to prevent an in-fill project that was approved by the Planning Commission by appealing it to the City Council. Take a look at the signers to this appeal. It looks like a reunion of the infamous "Friends of Pacifica" who were instrumental in dismantling the ability for Pacifica to attract smart and sustainable projects. This project is not in the much-fought-over Fish and Bowl. David Blackman does wonderful work and should not be put through this witch hunt of an appeal. If you are tired of listening to the same rhetoric that has stymied this town for 30 years, now may be the time to come to council and support this project. Your voice will make a difference. If you choose not to speak, your presence there will also make a difference.

Jim Wagner
Pacifica Business and Community PAC


Anonymous said...

Steve Rhodes is one of the appellants!! Is that our former City Manager? Thought he left the area.

Anonymous said...

Steve Rhodes said he loved Pacifica, then sold his house and high tailed it out of town.

Steve Rhodes put in for retirement right before the unaccounted for 4 million dollars came to the taxpayers attention.

I suspect he was the Mole at city hall who called the gang of no on a weekly basis.

Kathy Meeh said...

515, I think your comment is "connect the dots to nowhere" nonsense. Steve Rhodes was retirement age, and life gets in the way.
And I think there would be no proposed Beach Blvd project without him. That's what I think.

Beanie of Truth said...

Name in common...Not the same Stephen Rhodes who was our City Manager. This "Steven Rhodes" lives in Pacifica on the north end of town in the condos on the 5000 block of Palmetto near Daly City, over-looking the fish and bowl site, a genuine Nimby Bastion and Citidel!

Anonymous said...

515 You need to cut back on your TV time asap. Always thought Rhodes was a good guy in a job that required him to deal with our bottom-feeding, shape-shifting politicians on a daily basis. Hence the great salary and benefits. What he does on his own time is his own business, but what's behind his participation in this? What does he find objectionable?

Anonymous said...

532 Far worse Nimby Nests in West Sharp Park, Vallemar, Pedro Point and the bat cave in Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good news 532. Utmost respect for former CM. His participation would have made me curious.

Larry said...

A little distracted are we? I'm very concerned with the gang of no's new tactic of appealing everything to council. For what purpose? To delay, confuse, and create time delays. Classic crap. And what is John Curtis doing signing the appeal?! He's got one foot in the grace (if he's even still alive) and has dementia. That's how he beat a shoplifting charge several years ago. He didn't know what he was doing. Kind of like the way he destroyed Pacifica. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I agree, we need housing stock in this town. Other cities seem to find a way to supply housing stock. Why do we battle every decent project in this town? Blackman build quality living space. It's needed. Council, go forward! Vote for this worthy project.

Tupac rap off vs Wagpac said...

Is a Wagpac like TuPac?

TuPac lives! I saw him in Linda Mar. He wanted pancakes but Denny's was closed. He went over to Pedro Point and wanted pancake mix but Fresh & Easy was closed. He wanted another Tupac Tat but the tat place moved to Eureka Square.

He proclaimed Pacifica a dead city! Said he would sing about it shortly.

Anonymous said...

TuPac knows dead. If he says this town is dead, it's official.

Anonymous said...

721 Of course they have to appeal stuff. Things are a little tougher for them than in the old days. Not impossible, but a tad more difficult to control. I expect they'll remedy that with the next election. Place your bets on the appeal being heard Monday night. There's always litigation, right?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wagner, are you going to publish the year end financial statement for your PAC? It would be nice to know who is funding your PAC.

Kathy Meeh said...

1147, the clue for you is in the PAC description: "Pacifica Business and Community".
Just love the inclusion of the broad "Community" in the description, since NIMBIES tend to think they have exclusive rights to the use of "community", the narrow designation.

If you're interested in the expense and donation ledger of this organizational PAC or any others, just go to the City and view the PAC reports.
The Environmental Family reports would be of more interest to some of us, especially Scenic Pacifica (you know, the lawsuits against our needed Highway 1 widening).
See you at the City; and assuming you may want copies, bring your wallet to pay the per page fees.

so confused have headache said...


But what's a PAC. I know Tupac and 6 pack and 12 pack. I know bonus 2 pack and socks and underwears come in a pack.

A pack of wolfes, Pack of wild dogs and Pack your bags and hit the road!

Is PAC a Political Action Committee?

You are way too self-confused said...

107, Wikipedia/PAC, 1222 reasoning, sentences, 4,5,6.

But, your "pack" comment may relate to NIMBY wolfs, etc. you do know.

Elwood & Jake said...

Pack the trunk
Pack your suitcase
Pack the car road trip time

Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.
Jake: Hit it.