Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Missing $4 Million

Well, miss digre can't claim she doesn't know anything about this!

Submitted by Jim Wagner


Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo. Digre should be asked to explain why this happened and how it "disappeared" through all those budgets.

Tom Clifford said...

Pete said: They (C.C.) lent a substantial sum to a developer from the highway improvement fund for the Pacifica Beach Project? That's crazy.

Cities don't lend money to developer and Highway Improvement Fund can only be used for the highway.

How much money? To whom was it lent? Was it paid back?

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing... except very bad recordkeeping to which the Finance Manager and City Managers are accountable for. The purpose of the loans as stated at the start of the document: "to have all funds reflect positive balance at the end of the fiscal-year."

Also in the minutes of the meeting: "Fiscal impact: $3,253,700 but since these are interfund loans and not expenditures, none of this amount will actually be leaving the City." "Councilmember Hinton in reading the minutes from the last meeting observed that the Finance Director indicated that these loans were common within the community..." a sentiment also recently expressed by our new City Manager, who is putting tracking and a repayment plan in place. said...

Good catch @ Tom Clifford. I would guess this was the Police Station Project which bid at $6.65M originally and had ~50% cost overruns.

"Please find attached a full accounting for the ew police facility. Including all expenses to date; we have spent $9,533,946.70. However we may receive other invoices up to $100,000.00 plus or minus making the total cost approximately $9,634,000.00

As a heads up, the city has received several stop work notices from subcontractors indicating the general contractor may not be paying his subs."
- 04/15/03 Joseph Tanner, City Manager

You can view the doc here:

As for Councilmember Digre, she does not comment in the trancript, but sometimes getting 2% on your money truly is the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...


The City purchased 2 houses on the South end of Linda Mar Beach. One from Bob Mahoney and he may have owned the second house right by the creek. I remember one was a yellow surf shack and the other was right next to San Pedro Creek.

I think Mahoney carried a loan for the city, and was making him monthly payments.

I believe at one time Jean Fassler, Pacifica's first mayor owned one of those beach houses!

Anonymous said...

LMAO 809. Just Digre? I'd widen that inquiry, but I suppose some people are happy with a gratuitous politcal slap at the nobie elder. Everybody but Keener has some 'splainin' to do. Particularly the savvier Council and staff from 2003 forward because the party went on for more than a decade. Read the agenda for the CC mtg of 6/22/15. One of the items refers to the minutes of a meeting back in June 2003. Real clear how the 4.75 million dollar deficit got its start at somewhere around 2.3 million. Real clear. Joe Tanner introduced this city to inter-fund lending which is widely used by gov't at all levels. It requires adult supervision, meticulous accounting and restraint. Transparency discourages abuse. Then Joe was almost immediately recruited by Vallejo for their crisis. He left behind a very capable finance director for a few more years and then she was pushed out in a job consolidation about 2007. Parteee for the next 7 years. Til the "reveal" last year. Playing stupid Pacifica politics with this missing money is the height of cynicism. There s/b no get out of jail free cards. Wire that crowd up to polygraphs (or a real, impartial investigation) and let's get some answers. Or, do as this council did, accept the numbers and move on.

Anonymous said...

Lancelle and deJarnutt are still around.
Quick somebody wire them up and let's hear what they have to say before they slither away.

Anonymous said...

'Wire them up?" LOL, okay, gramps.

Anonymous said...

Julie Lancelle wants back on city council.

You heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

There ya go again 706. You know you're in Pacifica when someone places politics over finding
5 million bucks, give or take. Investigate them all 2003 to 2014 Council and staff. Wire 'em up! And if there's any truth to rumors of Lancelle running again, she'll be easy to find alternate Monday nights 7pm Beach Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Other than politician (and maybe I should say Pacifica politician), what kind of job exists where money goes missing, some of it on your watch, and you get to vote to accept that and move on? And this is after a soft audit riddled with comments about lack of financial controls and opportunity for misappropriation and CYA disclaimers by the CPA firm about the scope of the audit. Who's looking out for the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

741 I'd love to see them wired up on TV. Probably wouldn't generate enough current to light a 25 watt bulb, collectively. Absent that, a real investigation would suffice--which is what the original poster was implying.